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4 hours ago

Embattled Michigan governor in hot water over hubby's boat request via @nypost Her tough stance on Covid-19 is about becoming VP nominee more than anything. Female politicians are prone to grandstanding.

Kevin Hart Would Like To Work With Katt Williams And Mike Epps For A "Harlem Nights-Like" Film

Kevin Hart Would Like To Work With Katt Williams And Mike Epps For A "Harlem Nights-Like" Film

21 hours ago

An EFFECTIVE vaccine takes anywhere between 5 - 10 years to develop. We’re better off rolling out a safe reopening and getting the general public to used to operating within a pandemic.

And also, that guy at the end of the bar who knows someone who got over cancer by taking a ton of Vitamin C is the new mainstream medical profession.

My closest match was Distributism. via @idr_labs Oh boy...

Remember when folks were using Pat Tillman as a front to slander Kapernick in 18’? Sad is better happy Memorial Day.

I thought that girl was black??? I was hood winked? And she KKK IS WHAT THEY SAYING?

Find a way to win.

To all the veterans today who are remembering their fallen brothers and sisters: we are grateful for their sacrifice, and we are grateful for yours, and we are grateful that you have survived to testify to theirs.

6 days ago

don’t start a routine with a woman that you can’t upkeep.

fam Big Sean’s word play is underrated

Roaming 'robodog' politely asks Singapore park-goers to keep one meter apart @AndrewYang

“Without great solitude, no serious work is possible.” — Pablo Picasso

The mind feasts on what it focuses on.

I get more offended when people insult my intelligence. I promise I just look like this.

When things turn around, I want to zipline in Costa Rica, go hiking in Ecuador, and eat cocoa beans straight off the branch. Moving forward I intend to live fully intentionally and on purpose. There is a big world out there calling my name!

We grinding to buy property not designer

My mindset is I can make anything happen

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