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Nvxvcvi xehnm

10 months ago

I'm so ready to end this pregnancy. 8/24 is taking way too long! 💞✨👣

I’m about to drop my life in Kansas and move far far away

“Mom you have a lot of jobs, but the one you work your hardest at is being my mom.” Heart be still ❤️

I've never been this so fed up...🖕

*tornado warning in your area* Everyone :

@98_samBam That’s how you find out who the real ones are.. you get pregnant and only a couple will stick around everyone else drops you!

Left out once again because I'm pregnant. Cool. Thanks. I don't need you anymore anyways.

Oliver won't stop kicking. 🤪💕

when Beyoncé said, “its not the cheating that hurts, its the type of bitches he cheats with, now i gotta look her in her eyes & see she had half of me & she aint even half of me”.

People change. Learn to deal with them.

a year ago

"If you don’t have good intentions, please just leave me alone.

a year ago

Money can buy all my happiness, fuck u meannn.

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