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One of the coolest posters I’ve ever been apart of. Let’s talk about it on https://t.co/Kyq8ewFIw2 at 10pm est. https://t.co/M0zCLwclIX

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@AJStylesOrg once things get back to normal and y'all are able to tour again, If you're still looking for retro game shops and what not ....about a half hour outside of DC, this place exists in Falls Church VA https://t.co/zst4Pik6r2

Thanks bro https://t.co/VbTzQKe8Rl

Happy moments are PHENOMENAL. I’m happy I got to partner with @DairyQueen and with fans from the WWE Universe. #HappyTastesGood #Phenomenal https://t.co/yRul8LA2LV

12 days ago

#NXTTakeOver: In Your House is coming your way on Sunday, June 7th! #WeAreNXT #WWENXT https://t.co/c2uaHvcbWM

IT'S OFFICIAL! #NXTTakeOver: In Your House is coming your way on Sunday, June 7th! #WeAreNXT #WWENXT https://t.co/c2uaHvcbWM

No one has heard from @WWEAleister or @reymysterio, @BaronCorbinWWE is running from the law, @WWEDanielBryan is still rearranging furniture in the office, and I was CHEATED out of #MITB by @otiswwe! A travesty! #WWERaw

There is so much to look forward to tonight for a @WWE fan... see the #Phenomenal one win the #MITB contract and then sit back and enjoy #TheLastRide with my newly-won briefcase. History will be made tonight, enjoy the show. @WWENetwork

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#MITB just became PHENOMENAL! @AJStylesOrg is ready to make history THIS SUNDAY in the most unique Money in the Bank #LadderMatch. #WWERaw https://t.co/6xLlvofjZ5

Boo! You see a ghost? Nope. Just the next Mr. #MITB! Always has been. Always will be... #Phenomenal #WWERaw https://t.co/PLkqUHQFKM

I had a blast partnering with @DairyQueen to surprise fans from the WWE Universe the only way I know how… PHENOMENALLY. #HappyTastesGood #Phenomenal #ad https://t.co/SimFgIp1dc

Join me in bringing Make-A-Wish kids encouragement by sharing a message of hope. Post your message tagging @MakeAWish & #WishesAreWaiting! Learn more: https://t.co/8kVNedA942

I’ve been working out! I’ll be on https://t.co/Kyq8ewo7Eu showing off at 9:15pm est https://t.co/YADgoeSJYG

Well, do I go back to xpac green? Let me know on https://t.co/Kyq8ewo7Eu at 9:30pm est https://t.co/1M182QySgq

@XavierWoodsPhD That's what happens when you react like @AJStylesOrg and toss a controller when you lose 🤣😂

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