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The pandemic has upended international travel and some organ and tissue transplant services have been forced to get creative to ensure their deliveries. One courier for an Israeli bone marrow registry crisscrosses the Atlantic, sleeping in empty airports. https://t.co/zipBNm9Ree

This week’s selection of @AP photos from across the Middle East, Afghanistan & Pakistan includes scenes of tragic loss, a subdued holiday and sparks of hope. https://t.co/c5iyKAv1fX

Riad Salameh, Lebanon's central bank governor, was once hailed as the guardian of the country's monetary stability. Now he's called a “thief” by some Lebanese who see him as part of a corrupt elite that has driven the country to the edge of bankruptcy. https://t.co/rOEB7Iwy02

An Afghan family's tragedy exposes a broken health system: They assumed it was just a bad cold, as one after another, they came down with fevers and coughs. Within days, three siblings died of the coronavirus and dozens of their relatives were quarantined. https://t.co/gGW9jKNWJa

'We are invisible': Migrant workers in Lebanon suffered long before the pandemic struck. Now, as a crippling economic crisis sets in, coupled with coronavirus restrictions, they are growing more desperate. By @seldeeb. https://t.co/Vz89ivO1dn

The Muslim holiday of Eid al-Fitr is usually a festive time for shopping and celebration. But this year, millions of Muslims worldwide will be confined to their homes and others gripped by economic concerns amid the coronavirus pandemic. https://t.co/oTJw1UPSb0

AP Interview: Israel’s new opposition leader says Benjamin Netanyahu’s upcoming corruption trial is embarrassing the country and that lawmakers never imagined a scenario in which an indicted prime minister wouldn't step down on his own. By @aronhellerap. https://t.co/xmVyuRlXcK

Scenes from the Middle East, Afghanistan & Pakistan this week, as captured by @AP photojournalists: https://t.co/1Ej3udMobG

A group of investigators is building legal cases for crimes against humanity, war crimes and genocide against members of the Islamic State group accused of crimes against Iraq's Yazidi religious minority. By @seldeeb. https://t.co/ARAF6CvMh0

Investigators are building cases against Islamic State members for crimes against humanity or genocide. Militants can be tried in rape or terrorism cases, but higher charges require evidence showing the crimes were part of a greater structure. By @seldeeb. https://t.co/93BjmRFlPG

Another war, 20 years after pullout? Israeli troops drill for a possible invasion of Lebanon while across the border, the militant Lebanese Hezbollah group is beefing up its own forces and threatening to push into Israel. By @bmroue and @joseffederman. https://t.co/voieNfcPd8

Is cash king? In times of trouble, people have been known to hoard currency as a financial security blanket. Now, the status of money, passed from hand to hand just like the virus and causing newfound fear, has changed — perhaps for good. By @zkaramhttps://t.co/SlsGcWqhd4

From soccer to pastry dough: The coronavirus pandemic has forced an Egyptian soccer player to hang up his cleats, return to his hometown and help his family by selling pancake-like sweets and working as a daily laborer in construction. By @sammymagdy. https://t.co/o58K0n4CLb

Spat over 'GOD TV': An evangelical broadcaster has put both Israel and its evangelical Christian supporters in an awkward position, and now risks being taken off the air over suspicions of trying to convert Jews to Christianity. By @josephkrauss. https://t.co/LkW7xSi2IE

A group of Syrian teachers from opposition-held areas is bringing back their English language school online, recreating a community shattered by the country's civil war. The school's founders joined the world's move online amid coronavirus restrictions. https://t.co/NRS2DZOI6O

Despite Iran's battered economy, there seems to be at least one refuge for investors: The Tehran Stock Exchange has seen gains of 225% in the last year, even as the country fights the virus pandemic. But analysts warn of a growing stock market bubble. https://t.co/1CkSmGN6gm

Health care workers around the world are fighting the spread of the coronavirus and being celebrated as heros. But many also face hostility as public fear and rage can turn against the very people risking their lives to save patients in the pandemic. https://t.co/ftzkwwa9HK

Iraqi doctor's struggles mirror those of the nation’s battered health system, laid bare by the virus pandemic: Hospitals without supplies, medical staff intimidated by an unknown disease and widespread stigma associated with infection. By @samya_kullab. https://t.co/xydTtzAGho

A sheikdom built on the promise of globalization, now threatened by a pandemic: Dubai has cancelled major events, ground flights and halted investment as the city faces pressure both from the virus and a growing economic crisis. By @jongambrellAP. https://t.co/H3RKYCod8A

Iran’s supreme leader proclaimed all medics who died in the fight against coronavirus “martyrs’’ akin to those in the Iran-Iraq war. But the medical professionals said government inaction led to the deaths of some of their colleagues. By @mokhbersahafi. https://t.co/bMR2GKrBiH

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