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him: how much u need for ur nails ? me: https://t.co/OTkpwBHUY6

oh cause i thought the nigga who unsent his dm said something

Living is such a difficult thing to do. Even harder for my black brothers and sisters. There is so pain in this world. I can’t ever bring myself to watch those videos..

Lmfaooooo I don’t like boys with kids

3 days ago

Quoted @JairaNoelani

Y’all getting real personal with these Oh I thoughts LMAOOOOO

Sneak dissing real heavy. https://t.co/B1rF66fXzM

90 Day Fiancé is always “dont you think she’s using you for a green card?” and never “dont you think you’re exploiting this young impoverished woman?” https://t.co/5wGk0BjNa4

Quoted @K7BILA

People that say "omo" are razz

omo na you sabi https://t.co/bJKaTUXxGS

4 days ago

Quoted @ohdamnashh

would’ve stepped on the gas https://t.co/UTYmPYT6sj

I think God knows not to put me in situations like this 😭 bc my car don’t stop for nobody https://t.co/0JiCIqFZWC

my son as my hype man will never disappoint 😭 the freaking sweetest https://t.co/LoWm3bFlzT

Quoted @melodyMcooper

Oh, when Karens take a walk with their dogs off leash in the famous Bramble in NY’s Central Park, where it is clearly posted on signs that dogs MUST be leashed at all times, and someone like my brother (an avid birder) politely asks her to put her dog on the leash. https://t.co/3YnzuATsDm

White women are actually petrifying. There is something so sinister about the way she had to exclaim “I’m telling the COPS an AFRICAN AMERICAN is threatening me.” She knows the police are racist and she’s weaponising her whiteness to threaten a Black life. Honestly evil. https://t.co/BFjA7L1cNg

corona did a lot, but something about walmart not being 24 hours anymore doesn’t sit right with me.

4 days ago

Quoted @SaintLeeuw

Instagram doesn’t fuck around with the block feature. You’ll never see that account again.

And when they say mute? They mean MUTE https://t.co/SYIWtvDavq

Quoted @acheatingvegan

Question: Y’all curse in front of your mommas? https://t.co/XCcW5Po0rD

I be sneaking in little cuss words like “hell” and “damn”...maybe a little “ass”, but never the big bad ones. https://t.co/nYTIi2rDCV

When your lashes aren’t sticking and your already late https://t.co/lKstBpvAlq

4 days ago

Almost 6 months into this year. I feel cheated.

Quoted @KeyKey_Shepard

You don’t hear that damn baby hoe https://t.co/a4WIKav49r

She hears her. She is talking though. That baby don’t want nothing https://t.co/ieWRvTtANR

Y’all... I Feel Attacked. https://t.co/AduMCuXkic

Y’all... I Feel Attacked. https://t.co/AduMCuXkic



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