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Plz UZI DROP DROP DROP 🤧🔥 https://t.co/bGiyis6Y77

Quoted @yslmoney

Bitches Be Having 5 different hoods at one kickback talking bout leave the drama at home 😒🤣

Real talk. like girl you know we don’t fuck with them niggas 😂. https://t.co/GkM8JqMShK

should've left some of you mfs where i found ya

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2319! We have a FUCKING 2319! 🤢😂 https://t.co/B6PWbA1wQP

😂😂hell nahh https://t.co/tZcFlHPyJX

a year ago

Kodak black- Pimpin aint Eazy .. He rappin bout fuckin young ma 😭 https://t.co/fjureLa7yY

“I can’t stand you I wanna choke you” My annoying ass: https://t.co/NSf0WMq9I1

Me getting paid then spending money on food https://t.co/s4fzCD5wJK

•.City girls-Act Up (Remix)🥵🕺🏾 “Real ass nigga give a fuck bout a bitch “🤣 #Cityboyz😂🕺🏾 https://t.co/N8glVqZdbH

Gators defeat Kosciusko 77-70 will advance to district tourn finals tomorrow at 8:30

Lady Gators will travel to Clarksdale Monday at 6:00 in first round of state playoffs

Anyone else charge got this EXACT same crack in it? https://t.co/9VBWKaIR6r

Anyone else charge got this EXACT same crack in it? https://t.co/9VBWKaIR6r

I’m coming ah whole different way next tape🤭 🅰️TK n I mean dat💯 https://t.co/deRt2bGVt7

I honestly can sing fr. I just don’t see myself pursuing my career that way tho🙇🏾‍♂️

If you facetime me and answer it yourself, Blocked 💯

Meanwhile at Wingstop 😭 https://t.co/kH5CQRyAZF

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