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Couldn’t have said it better without the myself

Yo what, Dan Carter to Blues? They’ve legit got 5 first fives better than all of the Hurricane’s first fives.

Why is it so bright tonight?

Quoted @Murray_Kinsella

A big tweak for Super Rugby Aotearoa: "Players who receive a red card can be replaced with another player 20 minutes after they are sent from the field."

I’ve wanted this for so long https://t.co/FxIlGwNa2n

Good tweet

Apologies to tha girl’s shelf I knocked over it my dream

Ryan started the fire!

Cats > Dogs

6 days ago

Chris Smoove really does have a LeBron-esque career We’re talking about his videos from 8 years ago while the man’s still averaging 130k views A DAY in year 10

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When you name your son Nick https://t.co/ntWXp3rQO1

The crowd sounds at nrl games are actually good

How do you beat someone who runs away the whole time in ufc fuck

My left ear keeps vibrating and feeling clogged. Is that a good thing?

Is the Snowpiercer tv show the same as the movie?

Wow the clock app is a clock itself life is crazy

When you run out of conditioner https://t.co/o93fhhPRUX

Lollipop land for adults would be sick

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