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Former @UN Independent Expert on the Promotion of a #Democratic & Equitable #International Order: RTs & likes do not equal endorsements

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Blest are the peacemakers, children of our God.* Deplore the wielders of the sword: they must one day account. Our Chief is seen in church, but does he grasp the core ? It is the Sermon on the Mount. * Matthew V, 9

Hillel: you should not engage in disinformation campaigns against me. And you should not hide behind your laptop either - I will expose your manipulations @UNWatch @HillelNeuer

In the name of freedom of expression, I invite Hillel Neuer to allow me to reply to his tweets where he makes false allegations regarding my credibility as an independent expert. @HillelNeuer @UNWatch

I do not engage in propaganda for no one but examine human rights violations case by case. Venezuela was only one of my 14 reports, the others being devoted to the WB, IMF, tax havens, free-trade agreements, military expenditures, self-determination, and international order.

Dear Hilell Stop dis-informing your readers. Freedom of expression means precisely the right to dissent from overwhelming media propaganda. The suffering of the Venezuelan people was he focus of my mission, not Maduro whom I did not meet. @HilelNeuer @UNWatch

Anyone who wants to know about "the real" Alfred de Zayas will find enough in and @UNWatch

Alfred de Zayas has visited and spoken at many international conferences that criticize the policies of the Iranian government and endorsed the claims of the Ashraf victims. @UNWatch

Alfred de Zayas is a critic of the Iranian regime and has supported the claims of the Ashraf victims for the past 8 years @UNWatch

The allegations of UN Watch against de Zayas back in 2012 were just as untrue and just as outrageous as the 2020 vintage. @UNWatch

UN Watch is at it again with its dis-information campaign, as they have run against Mary Robinson, Louise Arbour, Navi Pillay. @UNWatch

Trump seems to act like a spoiled child. He ludicrously calls WHO a Chinese puppet, but what he means is that it wants WHO to be a US puppet.

Who will be scapegoted now?  Are the riots somehow linked to Russian or Chinese meddling too? #BLACK_LIVES_MATTER #GeorgeFloyd

"Band aid" politics of "law and order" do not address the root causes of the riots. #GeorgeFloyd #BLACK_LIVES_MATTER

The call for "law and order" rings hollow where there is social injustice and structural violence. #GeorgeFloyd #BLACK_LIVES_MATTER

George Floyd's death has triggered riots throughout the US, revealing a latent discontent and wounds that have not healed since slavery and segregation. #GeorgeFloyd

George Floyd's death reveals a culture of police brutality and is symptomatic of much deeper social problems. #GeorgeFloyd

Media advisory: US withdrawal from WHO

Covid awareness is not shaped by facts but terrorized by media.

Trump seems to act like a spoiled child. He ludicrously calls WHO a Chinese puppet, but what he means is that it wants WHO to be a US puppet.

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