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Glasgow rangers port vale F1 and me fam

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This discussion gives me the shits. Family first ALWAYS. regardless. People have crawled through shit ,gun fire,climbing over dead friends to be with. Put your bull shit away dick Ed’s coz you’d do the same. Plus back off press 2 Mtrs knob sucks

I’m watching this #Cummings interview . Who do this media think they are? They purport to represent the public...they represent themselves . interested in solely new cycles ... this country has bigger fish to fry than this bullshit .. I’m embarrassed and ashamed by #msm

Hi @Iromg the irony of the media wanting Cummings sacked for breaking social distancing rules 👇🏻

One of my first games for Sheffield United was at Port Vale. The pitch was massive, they were 442 with guppy and McCarthy on the wings as wide as the could go with Ian Bogie stood in the centre circle playing 2 touch under head height! Monday morning I started looking for jobs!!

Seven years on from his murder on a London street, we remember Fusilier Lee Rigby. On this sad day, my thoughts are with his family, friends and colleagues.

Oh yes it is funny. It's hilarious.
May be dont stock halal meat  then....

Oh yes it is funny. It's hilarious. May be dont stock halal meat then....

I can’t believe it’s only men and women getting the coronavirus. ZERO reports from the other 70 genders!

The Tesco’s ‘how to cook halal’ advert featuring 3 bearded Muslims who say ‘init’ every few seconds has just been shown yet again today on ITV. What possessed Tesco to commission this advert advocating the barbaric slaughter of animals and then treating it as normal behaviour.

Quoted @MBaggers37

Just spoke to Colin Garlick. Vale hurt they have just missed out, but are putting that into perspective and voted in the wider interests of the division. More to follow...#pvfc #portvale

Many clubs have understandably acted in their own self-interest during these negotiations, but a refreshing stance by Port Vale, eighth in League Two and one point outside the play-offs, voting in the best interests of the league to end the season.

Why are there so many people who hate Britain but still insist on living here? Nobody stopps you leaving! Do Britain a favour and just go!

@GMB Piers Morgan - Leveson Inquiry

I would NEVER do this...

Quoted @KTHopkins

34 illegal migrants from Syria, Somalia & Afghanistan brought into Britain from migrant camps in Greece. Many have severe health problems. Britain is broken. In every sense.

What the hell is going on? @10DowningStreet @patel4witham

52 migrants saved from languishing in Greek camps and arrive in UK What??? They Don’t Look Like Starving Children!!!

Well, I completely understand everything my #PM is saying. Totally behind you 100% #PeoplesPrimeMinister 🇬🇧🇬🇧

There have been over 300 attempted illegal migrant boat crossings over the weekend. RT if you think the government should get a grip of this scandal.

16 days ago

Don't forget May 14th is the big switch off, this the nation switches off all BBC TV stations, radio stations for 1 day in protest about their anti British bias journalism.

If we don’t support our gov. Who are we supporting? The media? Piers Morgan? Peston? Beth Rigby? The labour party? The lib dems? Who?? There isn’t anyone who can or could do any better than the ppl we elected.

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