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i wonder what it's like to not be tired

My friend drunk called her boyfriend while he was dead asleep at 3am bc she didn’t feel good and he drove over an hour to come pick her up bc “he didn’t want her going to bed upset.” He wasn’t even annoyed or mad in the slightest bit. It was the most pure thing I ever witnessed.

why wasn’t I born into royalty

the more fortunate people have it so easy

It’s so depressing that majority of people just get things handed to them , wish it was that easy for us broke folk

2 years ago

it’s light outside until 7pm now, goodbye seasonal depression u dumb bitch

not to eat my own ass but im nice as fuck so if ur rude 2 me fuck off

I don’t think anything could be more relevant

ummmm being mean is actually VERY ugly and being nice is VERY hot! Get with the program! Hottest new trend of 2018 is being KIND !!!!!!!!!

insecure boys are so unattractive

reduce, reuse, recycle, rihanna

Only allow people in your life that choose you, every single time w no doubt in their mind. Don’t sit & wonder whens the next you’ll be worth someone’s time bc you always are.

do u think about me as much as i think bout u

someone told me “depression is being color blind and constantly being told how beautiful the world is” damn i felt that shit

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