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Sketch artist, a mother. DM only for sketch orders. Passionate abt sketching and yoga. Instagram id archanasketches

Joined on July 04, 2013

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Work in progress My first sketch of an US citizen. Kafi tamanna thi ki mere sketches overseas jaye. Chalo kahi shuruaat toh hui. #sketch #art #drawing #pencilart #artistsontwitter #archanasketches

Testing positive for Covid is not a death sentence. In fact most people don’t even need to be hospitalised. Doctors say there is no need to crowd hospitals if your symptoms are mild. The paranoia and resulting stigmatisation is doing more harm than the virus itself.

My hubby is so honest that everytime he makes full payment including GST. He is so adamant over this. I feel proud. Aur yeh log dekho besharam. Dusron ka paisa kha jate hai. 😡

GST na bharna pade iske liye yeh coaching class wale parents ko full /half cash payment karo bolte hai. Last year and this year too we honestly made payment including GST and this coaching classes didn't even give receipt. In classes ki enquiry honi chahiye.

Most unexpressed love is between father & son. Period. They can spend life loving each other without expressing it once.

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We're opening close to 50,000 seasonal roles across our operations network to meet the surge in demand and to provide critical service in this difficult time. We're committed to creating as many job opportunities while providing a safe working environment.

अमेझॉन मध्ये ५०,००० नोकऱ्या ईमेल पत्ता

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Kerala again... Much of the positive news these days seems to be coming from ‘God’s own country.’

This is real women empowerment. Koi khyati ko bata do azaad aurat kya hoti hai. Sleazy pics post karna koi azaadi nahi hai. These women are free and independent. I'm proud of them. 😊

Kerala again... Much of the positive news these days seems to be coming from ‘God’s own country.’

Myth Wear gloves in public places to prevent COVID Fact Virus enters via mucosa of nose/throat/eyes; not skin Gloved hands may accumulate more germs that end up transporting to your face. Risky! Wash hands. Ditch gloves (unless you’re caring for a COVID patient)

This is the 3rd time some stranger asking me a favour just coz I know a personality. How stupid is that? Kaise soch lete hai ki main unki help karungi

People get so triggered when I talk about the hijab... if you can talk about how good your experiences are wearing it, why can’t I talk about how bad mine were! We all have a story, let me tell mine.

Is lockdown mein pure 7-8 ghante sona main seekh gayi. Ab lockdown ke baad mera kya hoga? Pehle ki tarah 4-5 ghante mein kaise uth paungi. 😀

After editing two sketch making videos and one cooking video I'm done for the day. It's all tiresome. Aaj ke liye bahot ho gaya.

Made this realistic eye sketch for art challenge in our group. #sketch #pencilart #art #drawing #colourportrait #ArtistOnTwitter

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Switching off Internet data or WiFi immediately after the use not only helps to get de-addicted from social media it also helps not to touch phone to check notifications unnecessarily... Now, for hours I am not touching my is more peaceful

That's the reason I always keep my notifications off and after a time I switch off wifi and keep my phone away. I don't take my phone to bed. It really helps.

Reference pic vs colour portrait Gift your loved ones their portrait ♥️ DM for sketch orders. 😊 #sketch #art #drawing #ArtistOnTwitter #colourportrait #pencilart #archanasketches

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