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bong joon-ho and michel serres were right 2020 | this is a weaboo account read the room

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Miyuki tiap hari makan toge :""""" we stan a relatable broke king

The gall of people who replied VK's West Papuan casualties tweet with attack on her character...Racism is well and alive behind the veil of Patriotism I see

Best boi Ishigami spitting out facts

Best boi Ishigami spitting out facts

There existed an addiction to blood blood blooooooood

When ur in the club but ur crying because existential crisis

Kogami called him Gino u can't convince me they're bitter exes whose relation will improve significantly with the help of their unicorn bae, Akane

[fe3h] idle gossip - 1/?? 
(ferdinand/hubert, ferdinand/edelgard/hubert)

[fe3h] idle gossip - 1/?? (ferdinand/hubert, ferdinand/edelgard/hubert)

Who's making live and letting die? Terrible educational infrastructures, that's who

Wrote a short review on Foucault's biopower and then giving an example regarding rural Indonesians' perspective on mortality and vitality and someone said nice words about it but also "maybe you should give a more well known example" lol sorry but no I take no criticism abt THAT

You are a private investigator/detective. What is your outfit, weapon, and vehicle?

You are a private investigator/detective. What is your outfit, weapon, and vehicle?

Ugh not a fan of the male gaze-y framing of the murder victims

Main girl Tsunemori, a baby detective

the music 👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 rly the most satisfying element in the anime other than kogami and ginoza flirting with each other tbh

This Lebaran...I am shookETH because of Lore Olympus' season finale. ShookETH.

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