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Quoted @JaValle

White people rolling up handing Black men bricks to throw during the protests? Glad a Black woman was there to set they asses straight. https://t.co/k9ickiIQA9

Guys. Do you see what’s happening? https://t.co/fnyHb8x8RC

I've bought not only for myself, but also my husband. Almost all are still in original packaging. I decluttered a little but bought more than I decluttered. Got to find something else to fill my time .....exercise...that's it!!! It's healthy, cost nothing & I need to lose lbs

Have never, ever bought so much online as I have in the past months. I have kept UPS, UPSP, FEDEX & Amazon busy. But now I think they may suspend deliveries because of all that's going on. 😥 Even the grocery store is closed due to potential rioting/looting 😑

Let's me see what reruns are on TV. Need a break from current events. Can't even go to a restaurant or go shopping as a diversion.

15 years my dad supported our family with this shop 🙏 https://t.co/cUf6tca9sN

15 years my dad supported our family with this shop 🙏 https://t.co/cUf6tca9sN

@GrantNapearshow Jumping all over Grant isn't going to solve anything. So, "He who is without sin among you, let him cast the first stone" - John 8:7 KJV. No matter what Grant says here, someone will find issue with it. None of us are perfect. I'm for peace, healing, forgiveness & change. Amen.

Is there a celebrity fund bailing out small business owners whose life’s work has been destroyed?

Quoted @BryanLlenas

NYPD officer injured on Madison Avenue tonight. https://t.co/ZBrSu9eKCV

Nah @kenklippenstein told me it's just property. https://t.co/ZFX4e9j4uF

It doesn't matter if you are black or white, Republican or Democrat. Are you ok with businesses being looted and burnt to the ground leaving people jobless?

Quoted @OfficerDaniels

A good cop Halliesheroes 61474 https://t.co/tpFuMaeOUn

I reached out to Be The Match and requested my kit https://t.co/kWgmm9mSD6

I want to start a GoFundMe for the black owned businesses, barbershops, and restaurants that ANTIFA is burning down. I refuse to allow the Left to ruin black lives in the name of Black Lives Matter. Would you support?

The Falcon 9 returns to Earth 😍 https://t.co/QrcsIg7G8X

The live view of the looting showed Ross Dept Store all boarded up, but the looters kicked in the boards. A white guy had a hammer and was knocking holes in the boards. The looters were loading the clothes in cars waiting for them int he middle of the street. No LBPD in sight.

Long Beach Police Chief interviewed live on TV stating that he would immediately send police if rioters started to get violent. He was so busy being interviewed, didn't realize rioters were shown live on TV breaking store fronts & carrying arm loads of clothing. He was Clueless

Quoted @TheDamaniFelder

These riots stopped being about #GeorgeFloyd a long time ago. Enough is enough. I’m fed up watching us destroy ourselves. It’s time for me to speak. https://t.co/gWAa15tGd8

Totally the truth. You left nothing off and said it exactly like it is. Hope this reaches the people that need to hear this. https://t.co/QjiysebbPQ

America will not standby as Antifa and other terrorists burn our cities. The law is coming.

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