B. Com Graduate from University of Cape Coast with the main goal of transforming the youth.

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Quoted @yvonnenelsongh

Im waiting for the day no one goes out to VOTE!!!!!! Just to send a strong message across! Cuz its been the same from 1957 to me!!!! Cape coast, takoradi, accra high street, looks same and even worse in some places, Dont think seeing a KFC is development.

The will be a perfect decision.... if not our politicians are taking us for fools paaa..

Quoted @Roygista

Friendly reminder that Lionel Messi has the third most goals (24) against the top 6 teams in England behind Sergio Aguero (43) and Jamie Vardy (29). Oh, and he has never played in England. But suuuure, he needs to move to PL to 'pRovE hiMsELf.'

That's the GOAT

Quoted @sploofeek

Wait, let’s be guided. Lionel Messi is 5x the player Cristiano Ronaldo is and ever would be. We don’t need stats, we all have eyes. 🧐

Absolutely true

Undoubtable the greatest of all time....... just enjoy watching him play....

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