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India's prolonged coronavirus lockdown has proved to be especially difficult for victims of domestic abuse

"It is true that some have behaved like small-time dictators, ignoring government regulations when they regard them as too liberal." @geetapandeyBBC on the tyranny of India's residents' associations

Dozens of journalists covering anti-racism protests that have rocked the US have reported being targeted by security forces using tear gas, rubber bullets and pepper spray

The married couple were convicted in 2014 of sending blasphemous text messages insulting the Prophet Muhammad to a local imam

An Australian policeman has been placed on "restricted duties" after being filmed tripping up an Aboriginal boy, who was then pinned to the ground

Award winning photographer Niraj Gera attempts to de-stigmatise periods in this hard-hitting series called Sacred Stains

The drag on the US economy from the virus pandemic will last almost a decade

Hundreds of thousands of Indian students who were planning to study abroad are not quite sure what will happen now

"It's a war zone. There are two to three patients per bed, some on the floor, some in corridors. We don't have enough oxygen ports."

Liverpool players took a knee around the centre circle at Anfield

Use of the firm's software jumped 20-fold in the first three months of the year, as the coronavirus pandemic forced millions to work from home

The BBC has analysed 35,000 responses. The top two tear-jerking films are not sweeping epics or heavyweight dramas

The shows were held at secret locations, each lasting five minutes from 20:00 local time

"Mumbai hasn't experienced a serious cyclone landfall since 1891" All that could change on Wednesday when a severe cyclonic storm with wind speeds from 100 to 120 kmph could hit the city, writes @soutikBBC

Customers queue for hours as Ikea reopens 19 shops

“I live in a constant state of fear - of what could affect my husband’s mood."

India registers a new record daily spike with 8,392 fresh infections, even as country eases restrictions

The message from China appears clear to observers in Delhi - this is not a routine incursion

"Beyond a point, it's hard to sustain a lockdown that has gone on for so long - economically, socially and psychologically."

African-Americans are more likely to get fatally shot

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