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I love Jesus. I love Scripture. I like people. I like diversity. My interactions and follows do not equal endorsements or reflections of doctrinal alignment.

Houston, TX
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Why not now? For our bruised and broken and bleeding world to behold the Savior of the world saving us?

Why not now? For when the blind see and the deaf hear and the mute speak and dead hearts are raised, will many not have to marvel and say that Jesus the Nazarene, the Crucified and Resurrected Christ, the King of all Creation, the Lion & the Lamb must surely have been among us?

Why not now? When Christ alone could be credited for the brokenness of a 400 year-old unbendable spine of white supremacy? When Christ could be the only excuse for a wave of repentance so deep, the soil of this land was soaked with tears? Why not now for grief to birth hope?

Why not now? When there’d be no white knight in shining armor?Just the willful Spirit of a brown-skinned man from Galilee, Jesus the Nazarene, the God-Man, who gave himself for our sins to deliver us from the present evil age, who said, lay down your life for My sake & find it?

Why not now? When political parties force us to choose whether we are for the protection and dignity of the unborn or the protection & dignity of the born & aging? Why not now for an unlikely generation that believes in the sanctity of all life from conception to coffin to rise?

Why not now? In a narcissistic, self-selling, me-serving social media culture when the witness of the white church is marred by failing moral courage? Why not now when we're the most privileged and the least spiritually fit? Why not now when it would make the least sense of all?

Why not now? After 400 years of unabashed racism and pervasive white supremacy so deeply seeped in the American way of life that most carriers cannot even see it, why not now for this demonic stronghold to be broken? Why not now in a time and generation among the least likely?

Quoted @DerwinLGray

The launch party for my book is happening tonight! Check out the link for details. 🔗

The launch party for my book is happening tonight! Check out the link for details.

Y’all, this book is fabulous and we had a blast preparing for this release party. The book’s on the Sermon on the Mount. So timely. @DerwinLGray is truly one of the best leaders I have ever encountered. He and his wife @Vic_E_Gray are pure grace to the body of Christ.

For Thine is the kingdom and the power and the glory for ever and ever. Amen.

Our Father who art in heaven, Hallowed be thy Name. Thy kingdom come, Thy will be done, On earth as it is in heaven. Give us this day our daily bread & forgive us our trespasses as we forgive those who trespass against us & lead us not into temptation but deliver us from evil.

Leaders, if we are not crying out to God for wisdom, let us keep our mouths shut until we do. I had to delete 3 drafts of tweets this AM & go on a walk & get my head on straight. We cannot depend on wise words coming from the WH but God forbid they don’t come from Christ’s house.

Oh y’all of little faith. Y’all forget my name is Elizabeth. Alas, I have not shared this news with Zechariah. He’s liable to say something offensive, too.

I am naming my next child Denzel. I don’t care if it’s a girl or a boy.

Quoted @BethMooreLPM

More gratitude than I can express for prayers for Evangeline & Darren. A dramatic day but God’s been so gracious. Darren was able to come off the ventilator, awaken & just a little while ago even talked to Evangeline by phone. We are ecstatic! Still in ICU. Test results tomorrow!

So sorry for all the tweets this AM - my last for hours, I promise! - but I’d be the absolute worst if I didn’t give you praying-people the good news! Darren’s tests are back. Negative for COVID19. He’s even been moved to a regular room. God has turned our mourning into dancing!!

I’d just like to say this morning, thank God for Jesus. Thank God for the power of His cross. Thank God for forgiveness of sins. Thank God for 2nd chances. Thank God for new mercies. Thank God for the joy of the Lord that is our strength. Thank God He’s still with us. Thank God.

preach good news to the poor. He has sent me to proclaim release to the captives & recovery of sight to the blind, to set free the oppressed, to proclaim the year of the Lord‘s favor.” When the Scriptures are used to keep you from calling wrong WRONG, the Scriptures are misused.

We have forgotten the whole point of discipleship. The goal of all Christian discipleship is to grow in Christlikeness. To be more like Him. To love more like Him. To live more like Him. This was His ministry: “The Spirit of the Lord is on me, because He has anointed me to...

The irony will ever be that Scripture is used as the most effective silencer of Christians in wrongs we LEARNED were wrong FROM SCRIPTURE. Look at Christ’s 1st sermon in Luke 4. We cannot proclaim a gospel we do not live. We’ve been commissioned by Jesus to make disciples(Mt28)->

“‘Christ crucified’ is Paul’s shorthand expression for the larger proclamation of the gospel, holding up the most distinctive image & facet of that message. It is also the image that captures most graphically the costliness of this gift or favor of God...”(NICNT, Galatians,p.268)

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