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27 minutes ago

Scotland's 'Covid Capital' Inverclyde has five times as many deaths as New Zealand | HeraldScotland

@Vodka2Whisky @BBCScotlandNews Which reflects the SNP's own approach to the pandemic: presentation (Sturgeon on TV 24/7) over substance (thorough & robust preparations for & response to the virus). To the SNP & its supporters its 'image' is more important than public health.

A woman who fitted kilts for Nike conference delegates says she should have been traced after the Edinburgh event became the centre of Scotland's first Covid-19 outbreak

Once again the BBC leads with Dominic Cummings - forget Hong Kong, Lockdown release, China/India, or any of the rest of the news. The most important issue in the world is a government advisor going to Durham. The sense of disproportion is astonishing..

Quoted @blairmcdougall

Worth going back to the start of the Edinburgh outbreak story. The First Minister was very clear that she chose not to tell the public about the outbreak at a Nike conference because all contact tracing was done. Two weeks later, what do we know? 1/

@MaryBel44686747 @MarkW_1965 Good question? Watch this๐Ÿ‘‡

Quoted @IanMurrayMP

@SkyNews report on the Nike cover-up and the anger from those not contacted or informed of the Corona Virus outbreak in Edinburgh. Must watch. (1/2)

#Nikegate Sturgeon hasnโ€™t stopped lying since the BBC exposed cover up.

@Keir_Starmer Could we have your thoughts on this ๐Ÿ‘‡

@Keir_Starmer Could we have your thoughts on this ๐Ÿ‘‡

@AgentP22 .......Because Scotland would never ever have been able to afford to pay the cost of fighting the virus without the enormous cash boost from the UK Government. Scotlands deficit means that it cant afford to pay for itself at any time, never mind during a worldwide pandemic. lol

Make sure you fill in Angus Robertson's survey. It only takes 2 minutes and you can tell them exactly your thoughts on independence. I certainly did.

This shows just how committed the UK Government is to supporting Scotland through this crisis.

In times of real crisis, the UK sticks together.

This shows just how committed the UK Government is to supporting Scotland through this crisis. In times of real crisis, the UK sticks together.

@moaningminnie6 @Bibbeth6 @blondiesup The SNP have never forgiven or forgotten, that the elderly effectively denied them independence. Hence them setting up more Mickey Mouse ๐Ÿญ groups, to try and con them into voting for Indy. Or saying that their pensions will be safe in an iScot.

2 hours ago

@NicolaSturgeon @jasonleitch @shazmcgarva The Sturgeon Youth at work for the supreme Leader HEIL STURGEON!

@NicolaSturgeon I'm amazed how much spare time you have to always be on twitter. Don't you have some people to help in care homes or something?

@chrismcfadyen74 @NicolaSturgeon Brown-nosing is never a good look. Highest death rate, highest care home deaths, lowest testing rates, NIKEGate fiasco, Freeman lying re care home numbers etcetc. Well done? Really?

@MichelleEMM90 @NicolaSturgeon Speak for yourself. Not sure families of the elderly who were emptied, untested, into care homes and some of whom never made it will be joining in with your sycophantic adulation. Boak inducing

@NicolaSturgeon Some couldnโ€™t be looked after, you know, the ones you sent to the Covid incubator care homes. The ones untested. Then there was the poor people who didnโ€™t know there was a major outbreak #NikeGate. That โ€œtollโ€ is on you. Do the decent thing- #Resign

@MRumples @NicolaSturgeon Being such an honourable woman will you be resigning should the enquiry into Care Homes find that your judgement resulted in Scotland having double the ratio of deaths in Care Homes compared to England?

@NicolaSturgeon Aye you laugh Sturgeon. The families of the 2000+ you needlessly killed wont be laughing. Resign.

2 hours ago

Coronavirus: Edinburgh Council launches investigation into Nike conference outbreak response | HeraldScotland

2 hours ago

Ian Blackford MP called a โ€˜hypocrite' over 600-mile trip during lockdown | London Business News |

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