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There’s a fear whites will never understand but we MUST acknowledge. When you cross a street to avoid a person, lock your car doors while driving, whatever. That’s not fear Imagine people reacting to you that way because of your skin. Hated. Slandered. Killed. Imagine that fear.

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FEATURE: Why Tracey Sketchit Is Pokémon's Most Underrated Sidekick ✨ More:

FEATURE: Why Tracey Sketchit Is Pokémon's Most Underrated Sidekick

✨ More:

1000% I loved Tracey and the orange islands series.

I don’t condone hatred. Unless it’s against bigots and racists. I fuckin hate those people.

Gta TRON is backkkk...and so is my complete and utter uselessness.

Mr Sark
a day ago

My @youtooz figure is finally on deck! Pretty psyched about this one. Nab one for yourself HERE! -->

Chester has this habit of dragging me about a quarter mile from the house to shit and then walks about 2 miles an hour and stops in every yard on the way back. I know he’s a dog hit holy SHIT

The WILDCAST Ep. 5 will be out this Sunday!

Featuring the one and only @SypherPK 

(Episodes 1-4)

The WILDCAST Ep. 5 will be out this Sunday! Featuring the one and only @SypherPK (Episodes 1-4)

Losing followers by the hundreds for yesterday’s tweets and you know what? Good. I’m not gonna stop speaking up.

4 days ago

How is the computer gonna ask me if I am a robot? Bitch you're a robot

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@mr_twinkie_lol @BigJigglyPanda Yes there is, but it doesnt happen as often as people think. The only reason it's as big as an issue it is is cause of how it's the only thing that media outlets will report on same with people online and online news sites that support this narrative of racist cops

George Floyd was detained and murdered over counterfeit bills(?). Dylan’s Roof murdered 9 people in a church and was given protective clothing and taken to Burger King.

That was my wake up call to what’s happening in this country. To the legitimate state of fear the black community lives in just driving their car. It hurt my soul and it still does. I can breathe, so let’s speak for those who can’t. #GeorgeFloyd

In 2014 during the Ferguson protests I was cruising with my homie, passing one back and forth and talking about life when I jokingly asked why i always had to drive for these. His answer still haunts me. Fear. He was afraid to because he’s guilty of being a black man in the USA

Y’all have asked me for more Chester. So here you go.

Me currently trying to figure out streamlabs obs and making my twitch look pretty

I've gone through about 32 pages of layouts available on streamlabs and don't like a single one of them. Why have visuals in gaming media/content not changed at all in 12 years? Why is everything so visually HARSH?!

Legitimately haven’t felt something fresh and exciting making content in a while. Feeling pretty gassed about that stream haha, thanks again for the love. I needed that.

One sub shy of 100. We’ll get em next time chief.

Do I have to start posting selfies and shit every time I go live now or is that just for attention?

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