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Work: Retoucher, Graphic Designer, Production Pro, Screen Printer. Play: Street basketball aficionado aka's: Borí, Grinda', Rated R.

New York, USA
Joined on July 21, 2014

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My personL campaign very busy not working #FallonLIVE

And Still I Rise...

RT to save me NOW! You have 5 minutes!! #voicesaveMark

more love more light more peace more understanding #Brussels

Focusing on the positive. Moving forward.

And Still I Rise...

"But God don't ever give me I can't handle, so please don't ever give me records I can't sample..."

No food is healthy. Not even kale. https://t.co/DmS1vzoB8Z This is a must read for folks who care about what goes in as fuel.

Meditate, eat, yoga, write and repeat.

Had A Great Time Working Out the MKA Varsity Girls Team Today with Coach Jess Bishop! Gettin… https://t.co/RJq1BWv9Do

thighs are underrated. that's it.

believe it now. work for it inbetween. get it later.

don't police the feelings and thoughts of others. that's not how this thing works. nah.

knowing when to push them forward, and knowing when to pull them in, is a very loving art. learn that.

thank you, Paul Robeson. that's all i really wanted to say.

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