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Yep, that guy. Producer. Neko Case gave me a hug once.

Chicago, IL
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Whatever dumb order Trump tries to make about Twitter they should just call his bluff, because he’s an addict, and he’s addicted to tweeting miserable made-up shit about his perceived enemies, and he will no sooner give up tweeting than he would give up golf.

The vibe at all the restaurants reopening

The vibe at all the restaurants reopening

“Stop Screaming!” she screamed. - a Quarantine Memoir

Imagine any of these people dealing with any real oppression.

Imagine any of these people dealing with any real oppression.

Got a new toothbrush. Time to paint my sink red!

15% of my exhales are sighs now.

It’s fun knowing that the glut of bad news that will certainly come out tomorrow will be cloaked in “maybe it’s an April fools joke?”

Gonna round up the boys tomorrow and do that Gal Gadot video, but for Teenage Dirtbag by Wheatus

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The irony of it all is that it’s my Democrat friends reaching out to me now asking me which guns they should buy just in case... in particular which ARs. I guess they’re ok with the 2A now??? You don’t need it, till you need it.

Ah yes, people are preparing for the end times 3 years into your dumbfuck dad’s presidency, but otherwise this is a sick burn, bro!

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Trying to escape to the world of Saul Goodman when I can. You too? Here's my just-posted BETTER CALL SAUL Basement Breakdown exploring that image of the mint chocolate-chip ice cream cone… and all those ants…

Hey! Maybe take your mind off some things with this great breakdown of a scene from Better Call Saul?

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The wait is over! I am so excited to present the in-depth Basement Breakdown for the BETTER CALL SAUL season 5 premiere, "Magic Man"!

Anyone who watches BETTER CALL SAUL, or anyone who just enjoys the art of film making will enjoy this breakdown from the brilliant @johnteti. It's been so fun working on this project.

I love when spies in movies kiss to avoid detection. When I see people making out in the street, I’m always like What. Is. Going. On. Over. There!

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The #season2 finale is now live with host, @MarcBoff with an amazing get for an interview! See you all in April! #wiffleup

I’ve made my podcast debut, and appropriately enough it’s a podcast solely dedicated to wiffleball. Thanks @MarcBoff for having me on!

If a trust fund and a beer bong had a child it would be Matt Gaetz.

the single dumbest idea in politics is that Dems need to wrap up impeachment soon. keep digging, keep hitting him, keep him scared & passive. if your first instinct is still "this could backfire," your mind is hopelessly obsolete and you should warn others not to listen to you

A jar of beetroot has leaked in our fridge and it looks like a Kubrick movie.

A jar of beetroot has leaked in our fridge and it looks like a Kubrick movie.

If I said "in my great and unmatched wisdom," my husband would mouth "sorry" to the dinner guests and discreetly take away my wine glass.

Never in my lifetime has there been two viable Presidential candidates as Progressive as Warren and Sanders. Both scare the crap out of Wall Street, big oil, billionaires. Get ready for a serious social media campaign to pit Warren & Sanders supporters against each other.

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They are trying to stop ME, because I am fighting for YOU!

Can someone please dub in an accordion every time he does that weird flappy arm thing, thanks in advance

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