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Romantically lovable, socially awkward street smart geek, #LFC fan, master tactician & electrical engineer! Attraction? A smart, beautiful & confident woman

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This feels like being in a different age, coming up on Twitter on a Sunday evening/Monday morning without a mention of The Last Dance!

5 days ago

Google Chrome’s grouped tabs feature is now rolling out — here’s how to use it (story by @Indianidle)

A giant wave has appeared on the LED façade of South Korea's biggest digital billboard, located in Seoul's Gangnam District

5 days ago

Shannon Sharpe called "the president" for help 📞😂 (via @NFLFilms)

5 days ago

GNOME gets big open-source patent win

Mory Kanté: Guinean musician dies aged 70 from chronic health problems

Quoted @nanabajamaica

@emma_idun @Citi973 @benkoku @benkoku there is a chop bar on the Cape Coast-Kumasi road, close to Obuasi junction...the day you will use that road kindly stop by and u will thank me later...local fufuo papapaaa #CitiCBS

The site of many people being left behind by commercial vehicles because they wanted to extend a restroom break to a fufu eating break. Got way too many stories about that bar

Quoted @NYGovCuomo

If people get arrogant and casual about this pandemic, you will see the infection rate go up. It’s that simple.

No long things. Tell that to the guys over here walking without masks

Quoted @thenextweb

Twitter tests letting you choose who can reply to your tweets (story by @rachelkaser)

Like the number of people who can reply would be significantly reduced!

Quoted @rhymerluu

So I went to watch the game at the masters flat, apparently the teacher was a Chelsea fan and his wife a United fan . After United has won we could not celebrate in his hall and had to become Chelsea fans to console the teacher.

So ASP 2 too, you too you go masters' flats go spy Champions League?

Quoted @KwesiBenedict

You can’t tell the difference between the Writer and the other guys. Top notch Kwabena Yeboah #PMExpress

We definitely have the talent. As good as anyone else anywhere in the world

Quoted @this_ghana_boy

1. Obra 2. Akan Drama 3. Cantata

1. Obra 
2. Akan Drama
3. Cantata

Showcase in Ga!

This is a beautiful portrayal of the strong female free divers known as haenyeo in Jeju

ESPN literally ran this segment killin LeBron. These are polls they mean nothing. & if you really think MJ is a better passer than LeBron, you should stop watching 🤦🏽‍♂️

Non-Black people: ask not what the Black freedom movement can do for you, but what you need to do to build a freedom movement in your community

When you realize #TheLastDance is over 😞

Forget Crying Jordan. After this series, MJ's facial expressions could replace every emoji on the keyboard.

My favorite sidebar of the whole Last Dance documentary is the first one of Obama. "Barack Obama. Former Chicago Resident"

And they haven't been in Grand Park ever since! #TheLastDance

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