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I’m so glad I went and played for a BLACK WOMAN. She knew and understood what & where I came from. CVS NEVER BACKED DOWN, instilled PRIDE in me & ALWAYS spoke her mind PERIOD. Thank you for showing me the way. @cvivianstringer 🤞🏾❤️

How did you all like the video? https://t.co/3DFLyfJIoQ

Quoted @torylanez

They re - opening the country because they losing money ... not because it’s safe outside .

Stay Woke 🎯 https://t.co/Aldcs1ffAw

I appreciate anybody who reach out to me becuz I kno ima distant person

Your freshman year of college never gets matched ! Man what a time

I wanna erase all my bad habits and become my purest form .

Fun fact: if you take $100, and put it in your savings account 8 times, you too will also have $800.

2 months ago

i play dumb but really .. i be knowin

Quoted @BleacherReport

"C'mon, keep doing this 'til you do a real one." These twins are training each other to be great ❤️ (via grandytwinsboxing/Instagram) https://t.co/X0mHdf3hev

I love this ♥️ can’t wait to have boys . https://t.co/XEQaJjzSEX

Trump said $1,000 per adult. Now Bernie sayin $2,000..... do I hear 3?!

3 months ago

aight imma really start pulling up when I say I’m pulling up 😅

Find someone that staaayyss obsessed w you , not just in the beginning .

Idk who needs to hear this but y'all friends be telling y'all business.

3 months ago

Notice how on both of these scuffles LeBron doesn’t even look at Pat Bev. Doesn’t even acknowledge him lol. Pat Bev be trying so hard to make him and Bron a rivalry yet Bron don’t even know he exists lmao https://t.co/w0HQg9iyBk

It’s important to know what your partner needs. And it’s also important to respect their space

The biggest mistake we make in life is thinking we have time.

Work hard, save up, and treat yourself.

#Aquarius would rather be alone than force themselves to mix with people they obviously have no connection with.

We had the privilege of playing a game on #MLKDay. Beyond the box score, @cvivianstringer reminds us that we must always honor Dr. King's work and appreciate how far we've come thanks to the blood, sweat and tears that have come before us. @ncaawbb | @B1Gwbball https://t.co/FRXwRoiWjr

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