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2 months ago

How to annoy the goalkeeper during a free-kick, by former Newcastle defender Steven Taylor 🤣

#OnThisDay in 2018, @OgadaOlunga became the first Kenyan player to score a hat-trick in #LaLigaSantander! 🇰🇪✨ ❤️ @GironaFC ❤️

5 months ago

He animated himself into #SleepingBeauty to pull off a proposal to his high school sweetheart. 🔥

The Cycle of NBA Greats Jordan Drafted in 1984 Lebron was born in 1984 Jordan Retired in 2003 Lebron Drafted in 2003 Magic Johnson Retired in 1996 Kobe Bryant Drafted in 1996 Jason Kidd Drafted in 1994 Giannis was Born in 1994 Jason Kidd Retired in 2013 Giannis Drafted in 2013

Streaming services in 2030

7 months ago

Speech pathologist Christina Hunger says she is teaching her dog Stella to communicate with the same method she uses to teach children to speak and learn words

Rare white giraffe puts Garissa on global map

Rare white giraffe puts Garissa on global map

Quoted @DannyDeraney

This. Not only proof of evolution, but proof animals are better than us. Wait for it.

I'm done for the week.

holy sh*t💪😏🔥

Never seen anything like this😂😂. They did it drop dead on the beat😂🔥

a year ago

Mom: "Don't let me catch you playing in the street." Me:

The synchronization is out of this world

Hey fam, kindly help me tag/retweet @TheEllenShow @EdGlavin I'd be honored to share my story and raise awareness about this condition that's affecting over 200million women worldwide with no cure. Endometriosis. #helpjahmbygetontheEllenshow #KOT

a year ago

This 10 year-old skateboarder has mesmerizing moves 👀

This is really beautiful. What if adults could remember to love the way children innately know how to love? Hate is learned. Love is innate.

Imagine you're a poor Kenyan and the police come to arrest you: And you try grab their gun?You will be shot dead. If you're Chinese, white, a drug lord, politician or very rich you can do whatever you want and @PoliceKE @DCI_Kenya @NPSOfficial_KE will handle you with kid gloves.

a year ago

👀This is some shit only white people can do. LOL 😳but wait, why the fuck would you want to do this 🤷🏽‍♂️#lecheminduroi #bransoncognac

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