The Catholic Cause

The Catholic Cause



Spreading the Good News of The Holy Trinity! Trying to make it to Heaven and lead all of you there as well! #Catholic #CATHOLICFOLLOWCHAIN

In awe of my Creator
Joined on March 20, 2013

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All you Holy Angels and Saints! Pray for us!

Live out your faith, words without action aren't good enough!

Pray for your enemies, you don't know what they are going through..

St. Joseph! Pray for Us!

#ThirstConference tomorrow in ND! Get to hear Timothy Cardinal Dolan speak! #NDTHIRST #CATHOLICFOLLOWCHAIN

Carry yourself in a way that is pleasing to God!

#ThanksPontifex is trending in twitter! Wow! Blessed be God forever!

Pray For Peace! No war in Syria!

Today at adoration I sat there and for the first time in a long time I listened.

God gives us all the gift of life, the way we use our life is our gift to him!

We take for granted the smallest things in life! Let us always give thanks or everything we have!

@paakenCSC: @paakenCSC: Today marks exactly 11 years when I made my first Vows in Holy Cross @wrdcsc @CatholicCause

@paakenCSC: @paakenCSC: Today marks exactly 11 years when I made my first Vows in Holy Cross @wrdcsc @CatholicCause

A Catholic education is the best thing I've had given to me.

Why do we as humans do things that we know will make us unhappy? Trust in God, and do what's right!

What are you doing today to bring yourself closer to Heaven?

I love how Catholics can get in touch with other Catholics online!

What is a good Catholic University in the Midwest? Does anyone know of any?

God help me to become the man I need to be.

If you can't spend 1 hour a week with God, then how can you expect him to spend eternity with you?

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