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RAMS!, LAKERS!, DODGERS!, ANGELS!, TROJANS!,CHARGERS, LIVING with ALS,, Husband and Father, Our two Loving Pomchis ( pictured) are so close to each other!

Pomona, CA
Joined on May 21, 2018

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CLIPPERS look Lean and Mean, but with Cousins, Davis, James and Green, LAKERS have the better Team!! GO LAKERS!!! #WhatsBrewing

ANOTHER TOURIST DEATH: The man mentioned a "nasty" Sprite he purchased and drank at the hotel before his death

CLIPPERS look Lean and Mean, but with Cousins, Davis, James and Green, LAKERS have the better Team!!! GO LAKERS!!! :-) #WhatsBrewing

Boys in Blue refuse Defeat!!! Joc the Rock brings in Three!!! Six in the sixth puts Rockies to Sleep!!! What can I say! We're still packin HEAT!!! GO DODGERS! #WhatsBrewing

Our new Boys in Blue look SWEET!!! Rookies, Alex, Matt and Will walk it off DEEP!!! DODGERS get the SWEEP!!! Put Rockies to SLEEP!!! Big Blue is packing HEAT!!! :-) #whatsbrewing

Help #FeedSoCal! Friday, we’ll be at @Pavilions at 8010 E. Santa Ana Canyon Rd. in Anaheim collecting food donations for @SecondHarvestFB, and we'll be at @Albertsons at 1268 Madera Rd. in Simi Valley for @FoodShareVC. Join us! You CAN make a difference!

LAKER fans Unite!!! Jeanie and Rob got it Right!!! AD will join our Fight!!! King James sees the Light!!! Finally, the future looks Bright!!! GO LAKERS!!! :-) #WhatsBrewing

Buehler pitches spot on!!! Max sends one long!!! Madison shows his brawn!!! Muncy just trotts on!!! DODGERS Win!!! #WhatsBrewing

Raptors refuse to cower! Play tough for one hour! Drake left in shower! Warriors have TOO MUCH POWER!!! Series Tied! #WhatsBrewing

Hi Ashley, as much as I hate to say this, we were right, MESS wins!!! Great Show tonight!!! :-)

Hi Ashley! Just call me Grand Master Doug!!! :-D:-D:-D Have a great day!

Ryu Improves Scoreless Stats! Big Blue Bats Attack!! Red Machine Falls Flat!!! No Brag, Just Fact!!! GO DODGERS!!! #WhatsBrewing

LAKERS, you know what to do! Hire Ty Lue!! And sign another star or two!!! #WhatsBrewing

Pirates find Hill too steep!!! Cody goes deep!!! DODGERS get the sweep!!! GO BIG BLUE!!! #WhatsBrewing

#BREAKING Former Lakers coach #LukeWalton accused of sexual assault, according to court docs obtained by ABC7

Developing this AM @ABC7: Investigators say they’ve identified a person of interest, after a woman is captured in this horrible video, tossing 7 newborn puppies into a Coachella dumpster. We’re now waiting for an update from authorities. #DEVELOPING

White House Easter Egg Roll: President Donald Trump, first lady Melania Trump welcome kids for festivities

Warriors are tough! CLIPPERS are too! Stay focused and play hard cuz LA fans are very proud of you!!! GO CLIPPERS!!! #WhatsBrewing

Beating the Warriors is no easy thing to DO! Stay focused and play hard, cuz LA fans are very proud of YOU!!! GO CLIPPERS!!! #WhatsBrewing

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RT to wish our guy @robertwoods a happy birthday! 🎉

RT to wish our guy @robertwoods a happy birthday! 🎉

Whoop! Whoop! Thank you everybody

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