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Orillia, Ontario, Canada
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Of course Black lives matter. Africa is the cradle of humanity. How many outrage do we need to change culture? #blacklivesmatter

Today my fb page reached 5,000 fans! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your continued support and encouragement. I know a lot of people buy followers, it's actually quite cheap, about $100 for 1,000 fans…

This detail of my painting Her Journey is saying everything about how I am feeling today! I am exhausted after 5 days online with the Integral European conference (but so worth it!!!), I need to reconnect with…

I am not going to lie, this is an abstract vagina (: the golden portal to life! See link in bio for more art! #vaginapower #vaginaart #geometricart #geometry #turquoiseandgold #mooncycles #moonpower #femalepower…

The power of love: Love can heal and re-unite what was always one. See link in bio for more info on greeting cards, prints and handmade eco art jewelry with my images.

This weekend I am participating (and teaching tomorrow) in the @amindfulsociety online conference... trying to draw as I listen to the lectures... not succeeding to good even though doodling is supposed to help with…

These times are challenging for many of us. I like to think about my spiral paintings (here details of Our Journey) and how the stormy days will pass, like everything else. You can see in the water, a little bird is…

Many of my images are available as greeting cards, they come with a story that brings meaning into every stage or celebration of life See link in bio to shop #ecogreetingcards #greetingcards #greetingcards…

I just uploaded “Gaia Orion - Mindful Conference Marketplace” to #Vimeo:

Sharing some rainbows and love this morning. #rainbowart #love #greatday #feelingthlove #behappy

I've been resisting the urge to jump on board and get busy with creating online offerings... I am quite enjoying the slower pace, the extra time with my paintbrushes and to think about life. #artiststudio…

Murmuration is the term used to describe the fascinating synchronized flight of thousands of starlings. Although it is still a mystery to the science community, advanced technology has been able to study the…

Ah thanks Instagram and Facebook for keeping my brain young by always changing things. I had to use an app to keep the video from stretching. #Learningcurves #sacredchange #yinandyang #treeoflife #sheflourishes…

Why is instagram stretching my little Sacred Change video? Do you know?

It looks pretty good so far, but I am not showing you how it's going a few days after that. When you see my paintings finished you never see the hours of frustrations, and I never show you the canvas and sketches…

I make eco jewelry, greeting cards and prints from all my images. These are the items created from my recent painting Breaking the Ocean. "We are stardust, intelligence and order; First and last breaths are like…

That's an illustration I did for the last issue of the #reikinews magazine from the US. I had to draw angels so I made them kind of Gaia's with lots of colors! #icrtofficial #reikinews #reikiartist #angels…

This tree mandala was inspired by Barak Obama when I stayed up late to listen to his speech on election night. I stopped saying this about this painting because conversations around my painting was too often going…

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