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"I'm happy to see all the players speak up; particularly, the white ones ... While I applaud them, we need them to speak up when it's not easy." - @Foxworth24 on the injustices against black lives. (Via @GetUpESPN)

Actionable items for pro leagues and teams that want justice for the murder of George Floyd at the hands of the police.


"I thought Milwaukee was going to win it. ... I think Milwaukee is the best team." Jeff Van Gundy is picking the Bucks if the season returns.

"I wish America loved black people as much as they love black culture." - @JalenRose in response to the lack of justice for the death of unarmed black people. #JusticeForGeorgeFloyd (Via @GetUpESPN)

What would Patrick Mahomes have to do for you to consider him the GOAT?

@foxworth24 says "win three Super Bowls."

What would Patrick Mahomes have to do for you to consider him the GOAT? @foxworth24 says "win three Super Bowls."

"One of the things I've been hearing as I talk to people in the league is [the idea that] the league is going to set up this playoff plan to make sure Zion Williamson is involved." β€”@WindhorstESPN

How married is each NFL team to its starting quarterback? Our annual contract-examination exercise is up this morning, and we'll be discussing it on @GetUpESPN at 8:30 am ET on ESPN:

How do Max Scherzer's comments impact a potential MLB season? @JeffPassan reacts to Scherzer's comments that there's "no reason to engage" MLB in further pay cut talks.

What is the best way for the NBA to return to play? @ZachLowe_NBA breaks down his idea for what the new version of the NBA playoffs should look like.

"Nothing was ever handed to me, and I felt like that was handed to me." @Matt_Barnes22 expands on why he doesn't count the 2017 title with the Warriors.

.@heydb says the Lakers are her favorite to win the title if the season returns.

πŸ”Ή 20 teams invited back πŸ”Ή Seeds 7-10 to have a play-in tournament πŸ”Ή Every series to be seven game @JalenRose outlines his idea for an NBA return-to-play.

"I believe he has a valid point." @heydb on Damian Lillard saying he will not play unless his team has a "true opportunity" to make the playoffs.

"Whether that's in a play-in tournament, or a pool-play scenario ... that's going to be a motivator for teams to put their key players back on the floor." @wojespn on the NBA's potential plan to resume the season.

Just did a couple segments on @GetUpESPN with @heydb Her opinions felt like facts and her insights came from a higher plane. I was jealous and awed. ❀️

"These young athletes should be able to major in sports while they're in college. ... Not having these young people taking ballet or basket weaving. Teach them how to manage their money and their situation." @JalenRose on Reggie Bush's comments about paying college athletes.

Quoted @GetUpESPN

Whatever the NFL is trying to sell about pass interference replay reviews, @Realrclark25 isn't buying πŸ˜…πŸ§

Y’all not finna get me to praise the league on admitting they were wrong... Humility? Sheeed

"I think with Brady it just makes us an automatic contender for the Super Bowl. With Jameis I think we would have been a playoff contender." β€”Tampa Bay OLB Shaq Barrett

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