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Sex is cool, but have you ever blocked a racist?

How honest are you? Me: I dont have a door mat at my home entrance that says ‘welcome’.

The french when anyone riots https://t.co/LztkedBK40

The french when anyone riots https://t.co/LztkedBK40

BREAKING NEWS: nation that has continuously bombed the middle east for 19 years claims violence isn’t the answer

every time a new month approaches in 2020 https://t.co/ZRSJxxBsGp

my daughter just said: “why does the media air the looting but not the police brutality that continues to occur against the protestors. it’s as if they want to divide the citizens and inflame the problems we already have for ratings” she’s 18 months old

some of you are nice, some of you are exhausting

Palestinians and Israelis protest on behalf of slain autistic Palestinian man, Iyad Halak, killed by Israeli forces on Saturday https://t.co/fUjP2MMrex

Palestinians and Israelis protest on behalf of slain autistic Palestinian man, Iyad Halak, killed by Israeli forces on Saturday https://t.co/fUjP2MMrex

The lives and freedom of Kashmiris matter. This is a struggle the world 🌍 must stand for until #Kashmir is free.

White terrorists — ‘lone wolves’ Killer cops — ‘one bad apple’ Black protestors — ‘all looters’ Muslim culprit — ‘they’re all terrorists’ ____________________ White supremacy isolates white culprits as individuals — while demonizing the MASS when the actor is Black or Brown

For anyone worried about talking to their white children right now—worried that their kid is too young for these conversations—I was 5 or 6 when my Dad told me “no matter what you do, some people will always hate you.” Black children don’t get to not understand racism.

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What we write is just the tip of the invisible iceberg of what we feel.

If you can speak up for the BLM movement, you shouldn’t stay silent about the injustices going on in your own country. You can do both. Police brutality, oppression and racism - they’re all rampant here in my country too. Speak up for your fellow men, they need you too.

Everything is always simple but when you don't understand, it gets complicated.

what's so embarassing about having a dark vagina? dark underarms? dark knees & elbows?? why was I forced to hate myself & made believe that one day I'll grow up into a white woman? what's so bad about dark colour? why is my melanin quantity causing u harm

Being single for a long period of time is dangerous. Once you see how peaceful it is, you don't even wanna deal with people.

Said a gracious wolf to a simple sheep,”Will you not honour our house with a visit?” Sheep answered, “We would have been honoured to visit your house if it were not in your stomach.”

My dad says he's SO PROUD of all these American's actively protesting against RACISM and he hopes someday our people will change the wrongs in our society with this much enthusiasm and actively stand up for our own people the same way.

lowest level of phone brightness isn't low enough

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