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You can ask he one who hasn't won the UCL to go and one will go. You can ask the one with less than 3 Ballon D'ors to go and one will go. You can eliminate the one who hasn't won anything with his senior National team and one will go. But in all, one will always be there.

a year ago

Quoted @Mahith_10

@KN1897 I'm pretty sure Cheillini played in this bro.

@KN1897 I'm pretty sure Cheillini played in this bro.

Man was on Wikipedia and couldn't check the lineups, Chiellini was injured and missed that game, played in the return leg 0-0.

Quoted @Sport_EN

Catalan national team beat Venezuela

So Argentina - with Messi - couldn’t beat Venezuela but a Catalunya team could. Yikes.

a year ago

Quoted @ClassicMessi10

Another non existent injury for Ronaldo just when his team needs him the most, mhhmm interesting!! Where have i seen this before?

But ironic since Messi just lost to Venezuela a few days ago and dipped early inbetween INT break to Barcelona ASAP due to a supposed “injury”

"Its not cheating, it’s not against the spirit as it’s in the rules you can do it."

Quoted @raghvendra_rao

Did @ashwinravi99 warn @josbuttler even once before "Mankading" him?

Nothing in the laws though about warning. Just as there is nothing in the laws about a wicket keeper warning a batsman for being out of the crease and not stumping him

Ronaldos mom when she was pregnant: | | | | | \ | \ | \ | \ | \ | 🐐 / | / | / | |

If you nick the ball, you should walk. That’s the Spirit of the Game. How many actually walk though??? Think 🤔 #Ashwin #Buttler #RRvKXIP #IPL

@ShevonRPerera @ESPNcricinfo If Buttler was nicked and given not out then he would not walk off! Seen him earlier. What about that sportsmanship!

@piersmorgan @ashwinravi99 Rules are rules Piers, all of us playing cricket have had that happen to us at some point or another, lesson, stay in your crease until the ball is delivered

@tarnia7887 @piersmorgan @ashwinravi99 That's ridiculous! If a law is in violation of the spirit of the game, it shouldn't be there at all. But as long as it's there, it must be applied as any other law.

Ashwin was completely within his rights to dismiss butler there. Don’t understand how Spirit of Cricket can be questioned. How many times have u seen a batsman wait for Umpires decision when he knew he was out? #RRvKXIP #IPL

@TomDodd1999 @BoriaMajumdar @IPL But if rules say it has to be out then out, Ashwin is not here to win heart,kidney,lungs of he is here to win the match.

Kabibs hiding scared cause I slapped the shit out of him Conor already got his ass beat twice Where the fuck you at kabib? Ps porier is a pussy

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