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11 days ago

That time Sebastian Vettel helped a disabled fan up the hill at the Spanish GP. Class on and off the track 👏

There's a brand new @hornesection podcast out today with the excellent @maxrushden - normal nonsense, have a listen! (special video content featuring podcast dog no.2 out later)

a month ago

#hometasking #hometasking10 #taskmaster @AlexHorne @gdavies This is Charlie Blois (rhymes with voice) and his surprising tea time. Thanks for everything Alex!

4 months ago
Dammit #ripneilpeart Inspiration, legend, genius and humble nice guy. Missed

Dammit #ripneilpeart Inspiration, legend, genius and humble nice guy. Missed

Whether you knew of him or not, spare a thought tonight for Anthoine Hubert, who lost his life following an accident in the F2 race at Spa. Last yr’s GP3 (F3) champion, his talent would surely have taken him to F1. Instead he’s been taken from the world, aged 22. Desperately sad.

I’m running for Mayor of Dildo!

Hoping to survive the elevator ride without somebody farting like #F1reactions #GermanGP

Do you agree with @JeremyClarkson's ways of fixing F1? 🏎 Watch the full video here:

What if Rich Energy was Red Bull just trolling us all?

Vettel very frustrated about the state of F1. During todays tyre meeting he said: "Let's vote not to vote anymore on anything and give all the power to Ross instead." #AMuS #F1

Formula 1
a year ago

"I didn't even know I was racing Grosjean!" 🤣 #FrenchGP @DanielRicciardo 🎥 x @ZiggoSportF1

Daniel Ricciardo forgetting he was even racing Grosjean (while swearing) on Dutch TV is genuinely incredible How can you not love this man


Hmm, if you get 100 retweets before the lights go green in Bern, we’ll send you a signed @DSTECHEETAH cap. How about that? #SwissEPrix

make this happen

Quoted @CCCuration

Just in case you've not seen or heard the 22.3 litre 1927 Napier-Campbell Bluebird II.

If you love internal combustion...

@F1 Of all the fathers/sons in F1: Jan/Kevin, Graham/Damon, Keke/Nico etc... You had to choose the wife beating father, didn't you?

Thanks for your many comments for and against what happened in Montreal. For the record I don’t give a flying **** about steering angles of a Ferrari returning from the grass to the track. I just want to the bravest and fastest F1 drivers in the world slugging it out gloves off

Refusing to vaccinate your children cannot be justified by “personal belief.” You’re endangering their health and the health of the public. Your right to your “belief” ends where it harms others. Or as they say: “Your right to swing your fist ends where my nose begins.”

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