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We looked inside some of the tweets by @JohnLeprechaun and here's what we found interesting.

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Reply tweets are getting throttled... https://t.co/NWXml5TJh6

President Trump to Sign Executive Order Aimed at Social Media Companies 🔥🔥🔥 https://t.co/RpB9GjO24i

George Soros has paid for more chaos than anyone can even imagine.

Two big lessons from what the Communist Party is doing to #HongKong: 1. They will sign virtually any deal because if/when it suits them they will break any commitments they have made; 2.What they are doing today to HK is what they have in mind for #Taiwan down the road

This person is the “head of site integrity” at Twitter https://t.co/hyZcl5VIe0

This person is the “head of site integrity” at Twitter https://t.co/hyZcl5VIe0

BREAKING: Twitter Hires Chinese Communist Party-Linked AI Expert Who Wanted to Hide ‘Secret’ Weapons Contracts https://t.co/rIANkb2krj

But how exactly does @Twitter know who to shadowban? Parsing data and writing algorithms according to engineeers. We found out they flag @realDonaldTrump supporters with profiles even mentioning "God," "guns," or showing the “American flag" as bots. https://t.co/MAPhk8tsvr

States are geographic boundaries defining an area of governance within the United States. https://t.co/akTuW43cNc https://t.co/ZSNd0EPlIX

WTF did I just sit through? Biden’s cognitive issues are worse than we thought. https://t.co/lw21kxYj2J

Quoted @RepStevenSmith

He worked for the Nazis. The real ones. And doesn't feel bad about it. https://t.co/Oveeguyf18

Why is Soros smiling about his helping Nazis confiscate the property of the Jewish population? SMILING. https://t.co/zvc4PRXQOl

Long overdue: Google, Facebook and big tech face a long summer of antitrust probes. https://t.co/8B8V8nBPE4

BREAKING: A mail carrier was just charged with attempted election fraud after changing party affiliations on mail-in ballots Still think there aren't any issues with rigged elections due to mail-in voting? RT so the media has to report on the DANGERS of mail-in voter FRAUD!

FLASHBACK.... Busting the Russian Facebook Ad Hoax=> Russians Spent Total of $3,111 in Michigan, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania During Election https://t.co/PL4Z79j1gk via @gatewaypundit

Rep. Jerry Nadler in 2004: “Paper ballots are extremely susceptible to fraud...I can show you experience which would make your head spin.” https://t.co/mrsX31XLAe

Mail in voting must: 1. Be promptly available only upon voter request 2. Have UID assigned to voter 3. Be watermarked for integrity https://t.co/ttP3U8qiZ9

5. this is the video: "we have now new information showing that OBAMA HIMSELF used FOREIGN INTELLIGENCE to request surveillance on the 5th and 26th Floor of Trump Tower" "was John Brennan behind that?" . https://t.co/V1d7kmG2d5

Congrats @GenFlynn 

@CharlieDaniels says it daily 

“Benghazi ain’t going away” https://t.co/vEok1dnKoF

Congrats @GenFlynn @CharlieDaniels says it daily “Benghazi ain’t going away” https://t.co/vEok1dnKoF

1. Joseph Mifsud is a Vatican agent. (besides being a CIA & Italian spy agency asset) cc: @MariaBartiromo , @LizMacDonaldFOX , @FredFleitz , @ChanelRion (just in case you don't know...)

We cannot allow this https://t.co/HXak3ZfiSO

We cannot allow this https://t.co/HXak3ZfiSO

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