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poo comin out horizontally

Quoted @ABC

Chicago Public School teachers allegedly bullied fourth grade special needs student relentlessly before he attempted suicide earlier this year, according to recent lawsuit.

I feel very deeply sorry on what this special needs students is suffering from,some students and teachers need to learn how to respect people with special needs._Ayesha

Let’s hope this doesn’t actually happen, many people love both these celebrities.. they should like eachother too and not go against one another - TM

Quoted @Independent

Air New Zealand drops tattoo ban over Maori discrimination concerns

I know that some companies refuse to employ people with tattoos just to look "professional" but most maori people having tattoos for glad that air new zealand finally dropped the tattoo ban.-Ayesha

Quoted @FoxNews

JUST IN: Police identify gunman who opened fire inside California bar, killing 12

It’s horrifying that all these people were just trying to have a good time but instead it turned into a nightmare, praying for those hurt and their families - TM

Quoted @BBCBreaking

Trump says the US has reached a deal with Mexico, 'indefinitely' suspending threatened trade tariffs

Trump being trump when Mexico is suffering from a crisis.

Quoted @etnow

"It took me four years now to even feel at a good place with this album," Selena Gomez said of her forthcoming project.

Can’t wait to listen to this album, she’s worked really hard on it and I’m sure it’s going to be really good - TM

Quoted @TMZ

Kylie Jenner and Jordyn Woods on Speaking Terms, Say Hello Inside Nightclub

Finally, they have been best friends since forever it sucks that something horrible got between them, but I like that they are on civil terms - TM

Quoted @people

Newborn Baby Found Alive in Dumpster After Allegedly Being Abandoned by Teen Mom

Luckily the abandoned baby was found alive despite being found in the dumpster,the teen mother should have just be more responisble or needs more sexual education.

Quoted @NBCNews

Group of mothers held a protest at a Texas public pool Monday after one mother was asked to leave for breastfeeding her 10-month-old son.

It’s sad to see something so natural be shunned by others, it’s just how babies feed. I love that the mothers help stand up for one another ! - TM

Quoted @Reuters

Norway fund may have to offload $1 billion stake in Glencore in shift away from coal

Norway fund may have to offload $1 billion stake in Glencore in shift away from coal

Cutting back in fossil fuel investments and making the mining companies understand their position the only way they will listen and that's with the bottom line of money. Good for Norway - TM

Quoted @ABC

What's at stake protests continue in Hong Kong over extradition bill:

Hong Kong was promised 50'yeers of autonomy but they've been lied to. If they don't stand up to China now, they will probably lose everything - TM

Quoted @SkyNews

Hong Kong police fire pepper spray at anti-extradition protesters during scuffles

The police are fully armed and are calling it a riot. Let's hope it doesn't cause any deaths but it's understandable that people are upset and are willing to hit the streets to make sure the world knows their feelings - TM

Quoted @CBSNews

9-year-old uses own allowance to cover school lunch debts for his entire 3rd grade class

9-year-old uses own allowance to cover school lunch debts for his entire 3rd grade class

The 9 year old boy paying off his school mates lunch debts is an awesome story. That's the kind of kids the world needs now, not kardashian wannabes. The kid was raised right with a good heart and his selfless act will shame a lot of adults into being better people. - TM

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