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Writer for @Sherdogdotcom Writer for @CagesidePress Co-Host of @LoudMouthMMA Podcast Network.

Coventry, RI
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@DrakeRiggs_⁩ and I talk recap everything from #UFCVegas. Please ignore the first 20 seconds where I accidentally put the edit music in the beginning and had it way too loud.

Jon Jones is going off on Twitter again

Quoted @RyanFortuneMMA

All five UFC events with no crowd (UFC Brasilia, the three Jacksonville events and UFC Vegas) have ended up with the underdog in the main event winning. #UFCAPEX #UFCVegas

This is a pretty interesting stat. #UFCVegas

I expect Burns vs Covington next. If not, Burns vs Edwards is a good one. I love welterweight. #UFCVegas

How did you score that fight (not counting the fence grab)? I had it 29-28 Sakai. #UFCVegas

Quoted @JamahalH

Touch Em Up University is back in session 📝 @ Las Vegas, Nevada

Congrats man

I scored it 29-28 Quarantillo. How did you score it? #UFCVegas

That fight was absolutely amazing! #UFCVegas

Quoted @BigMarcel24

He will 100% call out Frevola. (Although Frevola is booked) #UFCVegas

Nice call #UFCVegas

By far the best performance of Roosevelt Roberts career. #UFCVegas

Dern is so slick on the ground but until she learns how to wrestle, she will be a wasted talent. BJJ gyms (not all) simply don't train takedowns enough. #UFCVegas.

If I was Shevchenko's team, I would tell her to just run across the cage and throw a flying knee to start round 3. It's her only chance. She ill be taken down immediately after if she doesn't get it. #UFCVegas.

Time to turn the volume off. Can't listen to Valentina. #UFCVegas

The pace Green pressed despite taking the fight on 4 days notice was so impressive. #UFCVegas.

Fantastic fight! 30-27 Rodriguez @MMADecisions #UFCVegas

What a performance by Jamahal Hill! His striking is legit! #UFCApex

Brandon Royval must really hate his day job. Good lord #UFCVegas

Doesn't the UFC rankings come out on Wednesday? Am I wrong? #UFCVegas

Nice submission win by Brandon Royval. That was some slick submission attempts by both guys. #UFCVegas

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