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I really can’t believe this happened. When I first heard I somehow thought it was a different Kobe Bryant, I didn’t want to believe it. Never thought the mamba would go like this, RIP to a great one.

Trevor Lawrence lowers his head and now it’s targeting, tf is that.

Nice hearing dancing in the moonlight during the World Series.

It wouldn’t be spring without snow lol

Good Friday for s police standoff outside of my apartment

The person who lives above my girlfriend must be a dinosaur based on how they walk. Literally shakes the room lol

Literally back in cbus for 2 seconds and my girlfriend’s dog bites me in the nether region 🙃

Catch the fucking ball, you had one job. The job: catch the ball, don’t not catch the ball.

Wtf are these refs looking at!?!?

I hate this place and don’t want to be anywhere.

Sleep refuses to overtake me, it’s a pity I have to drive 600 miles today.

Klay Thompson must have heard people talking shit and flipped his switch lol

Is Embiid going for the Marcus Smart flopper of the year award?!?

I really am a dick

Like if someone is behind you get out of their way. If you are standing in front of their view, get out of their way. Maybe try taking the right most lanes, instead of holding up traffic in the left most lanes. Drive the speed limit and above. USE YOUR TURN SIGNAL, IT ISNT HARD.

I feel like people from Ohio literally can’t comprehend other people’s space and time.

Necesito ayuda 😰

Nothing bad LMFAO

I try and beat shovel knight sober and I have no chance. While quite intoxicated I beat it on my 3rd try. Is that the secret?

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