Dre be the name go hard on the court all you need to know.

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Man am I wasting my time.. I wish I could just Be told instead of wasting my time to see if I'm wasting time..

ima workin ass nigga ima earn my respect. #spaeeraxx #grind #notimetowastetime

Trippin on these hoes. Cut em off quick. No time to waste time. #kotaa #grind #noworknoshine

Girls have new best friends every month. I've been bros with the same guys forever.

You niggas need to get up on my level!

Kemba Walker is a beast!

Just witness a robbery at the gas station here in Georgia.. #sad

When you change the radio and the same song on... Lol

Just beat someone 113 to 78 on 2k..

Cant wait to move this is flatout dumb

She thinks its ok? Wow

Some ppl in this world are low down people... Smh i cant really

Dayton college is goin hard in this tournament!

Lebron got no D.. #tragic

Paul George just dunked all over Lebron!

But of i dot txt back its the end of the world!

For no reason wats so ever..

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