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Founder, President @LiveAction. Podcast, The Lila Rose Show. Every life is worth fighting for.

Los Angeles, CA
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Quoted @March_for_Life

Congratulations to all our friends @LiveAction for reaching ONE BILLION views! Your work has not only exposed the lies of the abortion industry but shown the beauty and dignity of life within the womb. Together, we will make abortion unthinkable.

Thank you friends! Grateful.

Let's reform the systems that need reform Let's reject violence and hate Let's embrace our shared humanity and the precious gift we've been given of each other Let's see the dignity in every person we encounter Let's replace our pride with humility Let's replace hatred with love

Every day more than 650 Black children are dismembered & torn into pieces by the instruments of an abortionist — killed at far higher rates than any group. Their lives are equal in value to every other human. We cannot achieve justice if we ignore or accept this bloodshed.

Today is Pentecost Sunday, when the apostles first received the Holy Spirit, & the Feast of the Visitation, when a pregnant Mary went to visit her pregnant cousin Elizabeth, revealing our Savior as an unborn child. Holy Spirit, fill us with Your love, Your wisdom & Your peace.

An ARMY of volunteers in Minneapolis helping neighbors clean up business damage. “Bring a broom” they were told. What a sight.

We cannot solve an injustice by creating another.

You cannot live free if you are not allowed to live.

Great news: President Trump has just terminated our relationship with @WHO, a pro-abortion organization that claims: - Killing children advances “health” - Contraception is one of the "best investments for women’s health" - Abortion is an "essential service" during #COVID19

Funding by group: $871 million—Small Business Administration &617 million—Planned Parenthood 430 million—EOP (Office of Management & Budget, National Security Council, Council of Economic Advisors, etc) We are systematically destroying the most vulnerable & innocent— children

Planned Parenthood - a group that kills 947 people every day - is practically an agency of the federal government They receive more tax $$ than the Office of Management and Budget & National Security Council COMBINED & Almost as much as the @SBAgov #Shutthemdown RT!

The generational trauma endured by many of our Black brothers and sisters in this country is real — the consequence of the great evil of racism. To pretend it doesn’t exist only adds to their pain. Praying for justice, unity & peace.

Powerful write up on the faith of George Floyd. Rest In Peace and may justice be served.

These Big Tech companies are not neutral platforms - they are partisan publishers. And under section 230 protections, they're currently immune from virtually any accountability for their censorship & manipulation of conversation. Something must change. Now. RT if you agree!

.@Facebook used abortionists to "fact-check" & cut @LiveAction & my page reach @Pinterest has BANNED us for "detrimental effects on public safety" @Twitter has BANNED us from running ads unless we wipe our site of ultrasounds @YouTube has pulled our undercover footage

Planned Parenthood kills 39 children hourly Taxpayers are forced to give $1.4 M daily, They have $1 BILLION in liquid assets, AND PP stole another $80 million in coronavirus relief funds Why do we allow this? #ShutThemDown @TheJusticeDept

Quoted @jack

Fact check: there is someone ultimately accountable for our actions as a company, and that’s me. Please leave our employees out of this. We’ll continue to point out incorrect or disputed information about elections globally. And we will admit to and own any mistakes we make.

Since you're taking responsibility for your company's actions @Jack, why are @LiveAction & my account still banned from promoted posts but @PPFA & pro-abortion orgs are allowed to run ads? Why did @Twitter say we had to scrub our website of pro-life content in order to run ads?

BREAKING: Multiple Planned Parenthood officials have admitted under oath to trafficking the body parts & organs of babies they slaughtered. These are criminal acts. @TheJusticeDept, #ShutThemDown

After you rob desperate women of their money & precious children, You harvest and sell the bodies & organs of babies you've slaughtered. Baseless claims? "I want a Lamborghini!" said one of your senior executives, haggling over the price of dead babies. Just despicable. RT

Today, 2363 children will be dismembered, poisoned, starved and suctioned to death in utero. Each one has a heartbeat. Each one is just as human as you and me. Each is precious, worthy of our love and protection. Our nation’s greatest evil is their legally sanctioned killing.

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