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BREAKING: Michigan head coach Juwan Howard is accused of buying impermissible benefits for recruits Jett and Jace Howard. Such benefits include houses, cars, and numerous meals. More information later.

14 days ago

sizzle politely requests you acknowledge her presence https://t.co/qYq57lKnkh

Quoted @UMengineering

The room was supposed to be filled with his advisor, peers, and defense committee, as well as his family, who were planning to fly in from Saudi Arabia. Then #COVID19 hit. https://t.co/sbalfMUch8 https://t.co/INGRYHCcMa

What a cool story! Those who stay will be champions!!💛💙〽️ https://t.co/hegBI9G4pL

@J_Buck_4 @PrairieRidgeHS @WICKED_Musical You know I’m singing this now!!!!!


The MLB on FOX fans voted Wrigley Field, home of the @Cubs, as the best major league ballpark! https://t.co/MmNMGSCssR

WE HAVE A WINNER 🏆 The MLB on FOX fans voted Wrigley Field, home of the @Cubs, as the best major league ballpark! https://t.co/MmNMGSCssR

With less than a minute left, a high school team in Ohio subbed in a player with Down's Syndrome, so he could play in the team's final game of the year. The leap into a teammate’s arms at the end! This is the Twitter content I’m here for... https://t.co/65xjiEYtcw RexChapman

Nothing like March Madness... https://t.co/TJXBbUWRq9 via RexChapman 02 #SaturdayMorning

Quoted @dog_rates

This is Hank. He did his first sit today. Hopes you're proud of him. 12/10 thank you Hank we needed this https://t.co/P5wHKAGfDp

14/10 I. I needed this. Good boy, Hank. 👍 https://t.co/jnjsNtM02E

This documentary is simply phenomenal. We as a sports loving society needed this. So great to have this to watch and to look forward to. I’m glad we can’t binge watch it. I can’t wait for the next four Sunday evenings. #LastDance #CoorsLight

Last year, this man lost his 16-yr old son in a car wreck. He decided to donate his son’s organs, including his heart. This month the heart recipient sent Dad a surprise gift - a teddy bear with a recording of his son's heartbeat. Wait for it...💪❤️🌎 https://t.co/fXs5sm2qEn

Quoted @PHY6PHUN

Where do I get one of those?? !! 🐕🐕‍🦺🐶 https://t.co/xBbuNsuLoJ

This. Is. Awesome. 😊😊 https://t.co/30JBZWlT0U

WATCH: Using water, pepper and soap, a teacher showed her students why it is important to wash your hands to stop the spread of viruses! (📹: Amanda Lorenzo) https://t.co/DXlYYdPMfZ

This all feels weird. I always have something I’m pointing at. Work on Monday. Kids hockey game. LA Kings hockey game. Driving my kids somewhere. Dinner plans. Kids school. Plans I’m trying to get out of. I have zero plans. It doesn’t feel like Saturday. It just feels...unknown.

You know you are a teacher 👩🏻‍🏫 when you are having a rough week and a case of the Februaries and a little note in the corner of one of your student’s tests saying “thanks for being so kind to us” can make it all better ❤️

If MLB wants the sport to be more popular then step 1 is making sure every fan can watch their home teams through every local cable provider and the MLB app. THERE I FIXED IT.

Anyone in need of total joy right now? #thisboy https://t.co/gz9dBnLwZu

Quoted @TheWolverineMag

Reporter: “Is your hate for Michigan State still great or has it dissipated due to your immense respect for Coach Izzo?” Juwan Howard: “Have you ever heard me use the word hate? ... I think we should probably use another word. Help me out with your question again.” All class 👏🏻 https://t.co/PQYnXa9rH0

Definition of class right there. https://t.co/c1AMYzdaI6

Quoted @LarryLage

Izzo: “If there's one thing I'm glad about Juwan, to be very blunt and honest with you, John (Beilein) was so buttoned up that I looked like a fool all the time now. Now, both of us look like fools and it makes it an equal-opportunity deal."

Juwan Howard doesn’t enable a culture of abuse at his program and could likely kick your ass with one hand behind his back, so no you’re still the only one that looks like a fool all the time, Izzo. https://t.co/EMN6mZ6Oj8

Quoted @SamSedlecky

Scorekeeper giving MSU 3 when the ref literally ran in front of the table signaling 2 is peak Breslin. And then Howard gets a tech in part because he spots the error.

😡 https://t.co/flYmdosQOv

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