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Quoted @charliekirk11

RT if you don't need any advice from Barack Obama on how to heal racial division in America!

You caused this obama

Quoted @charliekirk11

RT if you don't need any advice from Barack Obama on how to heal racial division in America!

This is all on you obama

What kind of supplies do you need for a rioting virus swine flu asteroid global warming murder hornet ice age? Canned goods?

Watch "Wednesday Night Mid Week Fellowship- The Judgments -Judgement Seat Of Christ Part 3" on YouTube

Watch "Strange Things Happening (Open Your Eyes - It's In The Bible) ᴴᴰ" on YouTube

Where the hell are all the parents?

Quoted @SharikaSoal84

I'm still voting for President Donald Trump on November 3rd.

So am I!

Watch "LIVE: From Ground Zero of Dallas Riot Destruction! | Good Morning #Mugclub" on YouTube What does panda mean to pedos? Advertising right in front of us.

Technology must NOT be a tool for the kind of "surveillance capitalism" that is rapidly overtaking our society. Resisting #ContactTracingApps is the start of the fight. .@POTUS .@realDonaldTrump #SocialTracking #PatriotStrikeTeam #WWG1WGA #AdjunctProfessr

8 states have Primaries today folks! Go out and vote! Let's nominate MAGA!

Quoted @MissILmom

WAIT! "She?" "Her?" Did I Hear Right? THAT Says it all! #LiberalHeShesHateDJT Unhinged Episcopal Bishop Calls in to CNN to Trash President Trump for Holding Bible without Her Permission -- SAYS NOTHING ABOUT CRIMINALS WHO TORCHED CHURCH! via @gatewaypundit

There are a lot of evil church leaders and they must be purged!

Jesus is king, God will win.

All you Q doubters can now kindly get fucked.

It’s well known Anonymøu$ was infiltrated a year or so after they came forward. They are Deep State assets now. Everyone needs to stop freaking out about their pathetic drops that coincide with Netflix drops... Netflix, whose board is the old Obama administration.

Quoted @RealMattCouch

OMG: I turned it on CNN for two minutes and Susan Rice and Wolf Blitzer are saying Russia is behind the riots...

No are.

FBI and Government officials need to look into this. Who is being paid to deliver pallets of bricks to cities and strategically place them where riots are happening?

Why are conservative accounts banned from Twitter but not ANTIFA members—who are now officially designated as terrorists? 🤔

The future of America depends on Trump being re-elected. Nothing is more important than making sure America gets four more years of Donald Trump

Hey Democrats, does this look like white supremacists & Trump supporters from out of town looting a Family Dollar in Philly? Complete chaos & lawlessness. No police presence, society breaking. This video is an outrage. #phillyriots #Looters #riots2020

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