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The Democrats think dragging the nation through these bogus lockdowns will win them the November election! WRONG!

When President Trump wins the election in November, will Democrats and their media accomplices finally realize their resistance was futile?

Listening to How the media fails America? by MatthewJshow

Listening to President Trump/Leadership when it counts! by MatthewJshow

Hong Kong is screwed! China Introduces Provocative Security Law Against Pro-Democracy Hong Kong

The media jackals spread fear 24/7! Now the economy and the well being of the nation is suffering! President Trump has always been right about the media! They are the enemy of the people!

Democrats continue their losing streak with the American people! Extending lockdowns is a loser plan! Time to vote out the most corrupt party in US political history! TRUMP2020!

Listening to How the media fails America? by MatthewJshow

Wow! Steve Bannon stating the CCP needs to go! A free China would be a great thing for the world!

Steve Bannon on Watters World keeping it real about the CCP! China must be confronted! Not embraced like the media jackals and others are doing!

President Trump has done everything possible to address the Coronavirus situation! Thanks President Trump for taking charge! Heaven knows the Democrats did nothing constructive but complain!

Listening President Trump/Leadership when it counts! from MatthewJshow on @CastBox_FM

So glad President Trump is enjoying himself! Donald Trump golfs for the first time since the outbreak began via @MailOnline

Watching ABC World News peddle their negativity to America! Media jackals like ABC are stuck in misery reporting! In other words, a democrat mindset!

Listening to How the media fails America? by MatthewJshow

Tucker Carlson: There's no evidence coronavirus lockdowns saved lives. Mass quarantines may have killed people #FoxNews

Fellow patriots! Don't let your guard down! Deep state actors are busy lining up their next sham! November election is pivotal for our nation's future! TRUMP2020!

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