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I’m not even kidding today my dog stepped in human poop in downtown San Diego and I have never been so appalled in my life. Ready to leave this Democrat-run shithole. @GavinNewsom

I'm starting the slow (and painful) process of moving off the Google platform. I invite you to join me! https://t.co/eSzWoDOrZW

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“What better way to celebrate my birthday than right here with Planned Parenthood?” 🎉 @ewarren celebrating backstage at #WeDecide with @SenGillibrand 💕💕💕 @PPact https://t.co/6cZd6Jao01

If her mom had made the choice to abort her, Elizabeth Warren would not have had a single birthday https://t.co/WuAdsu4NuJ

Dodger Stadium: Fan taken to hospital after being struck by Cody Bellinger's foul ball https://t.co/lpGtGl8nrr

MAN'S BEST FRIEND: One groom decided that for his best man, all he needed was man’s best friend. So, on his wedding day, he had a six-year-old Rottweiler with a mini tuxedo strapped to his collar standing next to him, and he couldn’t have been happier! https://t.co/kHSMTNVZCB

a year ago
Is there an ichthyologist in the house? This strange creature washed up (alive) at Newport Beach today. Does anyone know what it is? (Credit: Vaughn family) https://t.co/n2vbxVsqUs

Is there an ichthyologist in the house? This strange creature washed up (alive) at Newport Beach today. Does anyone know what it is? (Credit: Vaughn family) https://t.co/n2vbxVsqUs

RT if you agree → Every member of Congress should be required to go to the Southern border to see the crisis for themselves.

"‘Street parties’ break out following unofficial Istanbul election results" https://t.co/hO50jPidL5

Please say your prayers for Beth right now thank you love you

It's apparent that @SpeakerPelosi no longer has any control of the House of Representatives. Do you think this is her last term in DC?

Should English be made the Primary language in this country? @realDonaldTrump

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Call me crazy, but President Accused of Rape By Well Known Writer seems like the very definition of news? It's somewhat odd to me that it is not being covered in many places.

I’ll go with calling you crazy. You see, people like you have launched so many crazy strikes against Trump, untethered by any respect for evidence or balance, that our instinctive response is to consider every new one to be a continuation of the usual bullshit https://t.co/3zVZ1zstEP

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“That IS what they did in Nazi Germany.”https://t.co/pMtWVe64Ul

Look at the horror running for POTUS. This twit is comparing illegal alien detention at our borders to the Nazis gassing Jews. Even though it was done under ObO and previous administrations. If this nonsense doesn’t make you #WalkAwayFromDemocrats nothing will. #SatansPawn👇 https://t.co/sCqH0ecW8M

Do you know who this is......🤔 https://t.co/QsonFjxAkh

Do you know who this is......🤔 https://t.co/QsonFjxAkh

Slave Reparations: new age Democrat tactic to gain black votes, it's all abt the $. Reparations go to direct victims, by direct perps. "We don't want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population."~Margaret Sanger, fdr PPH Your color doesn't define your mind. https://t.co/zwqkDhczhw

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