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Future millionaires and billionaires retweet this ☝🏽🤎

Idk who’s funnier me or myself 🤣🤣

I was outside for less than a hr & just feel like I need to wash it .

Bruh 😩🤦🏾‍♀️ It’s taking everything in me to wait to wash my hair . I just washed my hair Saturday .

Protect me from the ppl I love who don’t really love me back

Junie B. Jones and the B stands for boy fuck you

#Taurus puts up with a lot of stress before she hits her boiling point.

Quoted @Taurus_Doll

You can always trust a #Taurus.

💯 https://t.co/q4HTMn9fyu

Such a beautiful movie 😢❤️

Now I’m crying 😭😢 .

Watching the Notebook 😍

Happy 25TH birthday to meeee 🎉🥳

Up cleaning my whole house . Ain’t shit else to do .

#Taurus is feisty, raw and direct.

I’m mastering the art of being silent, even when there’s a lot to be said.

-Every female that scroll pass this, I hope yo pockets overflow🥰, Yo face clear up🦋, & that ass to growwww some more💗.

You disrespect yourself every time you rekindle a relationship or friendship with mfs who has disrespected you or who has humiliated you in anyway shape or form .

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