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We looked inside some of the tweets by @MythWatch and here's what we found interesting.

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After George Floyd’s death, police departments are responding with unusual swiftness to allegations of misconduct via @WSJ

Weaponizing the "Systemic" Word: Hold officers accountable who use excessive force. But there’s no evidence of systemic racial bias by police. Writes @HMDatMI via @WSJ

Massachusetts Trump supporter, 82, ‘violently assaulted’ by motorist, 27, police say #FoxNews

Coronavirus: Hard-hit Brazil removes data amid rising death toll

BBC News - Trump 'approves plan' to cut US troops in Germany

Quoted @Liz_Cheney

This is a dangerously misguided policy. If the United States abandons allies, withdraws our forces, and retreats within our borders, the cause of freedom—on which our nation was founded & our security depends—will be in peril.

Russia is a smaller threat then other major tyrannical nations.that have more soldiers and more cash in their banks. Europe can cope with it with less American troops. Warfare is becoming more tech oriented then troop oriented.

Quoted @seanhannity

NY TIMES REPORTER: ‘Destroying Property, Which Can Be Replaced, Is Not Violence’

Destroying property is in many cases destroying livelihoods, dignity and lifetime investments or achievement. Some people and their employees can't cope with it and they move into homelessness or distress that shorten lives and creates misery in many cases.

Why it matters that Joe Biden has clinched the Democratic nomination, and what’s next for Sen. Bernie Sanders and his supporters via @WSJ

Quoted @thejtlewis

I wonder why so many retired Generals don’t like Trump...

Because he might disclose their quid pro quo with the military industry.

Quoted @SenTedCruz

.@dcexaminer: 'Grossly negligent': Sen. Cruz grills Rod Rosenstein over handling of Mueller investigation and FBI warrants

Grossly Negligent to say the least. Grossly #Conspiratorial might be the case

Why isn’t anyone asking Jim Mattis about the Theranos fraud that he profited from & helped facilitate? And the $10 billion no-bid DoD contract that he tried to steer to his corrupt friends at Amazon?

Quoted @DonaldJTrumpJr

I assume @JoeBiden is including his corrupt son Hunter in that 10 to 15% of Americans who are #NotVeryGoodPeople?

At least 63000000 believe Joe Biden or HRC belong to that 15%

Quoted @MeghanMcCain

Make no mistake how beloved and revered General James Mattis is in this country. He is a universal cult figure who has far surpassed just military circles. There’s nothing and no one who can tarnish his credibility. I would follow him, his expertise and his leadership into hell.

If McCain dynasty reveres Mattis that is a not to say that people trust him. Why wasn't Mattis calling for union & stopping the incitement? Tarnishing the president during Obamagate & Spygates while the riots are weaponized for looting & undermining the presidency.

Quoted @FiveRights

AG Barr, Please name the Dems secretly aiding Antifa. Let us see which of our "representatives" are using our tax dollars to have We the People maimed or killed in service of their true politics. If you want us to democratically Drain the Swamp, let us see it.

First we need to investigate who was pulling the strings of David Dorn, Seth Rich and others victims.

Quoted @hughhewitt

Tom Cotton's New York Times Op-Ed: The Inside Story | National Review

NYT is so deep in Spygate that it can't contract any unbiased journalist otherwise their biased mob and union will suffocate the business.

Quoted @realDerekUtley

WOW. @joebiden sure had a lot to say about crime. Just have a look for yourself. Retweet this so it can't be censored.

Basically Biden is saying : "We have predators in the street and it doesn't matter who created them"

Quoted @g_occhionero

Obamagate, La Veritá sets focus on US Embassy Rome. Both Ambassador John Phillips and Deputy Chief of Mission Kelly Degnan, now in the crosshairs of US Senate cmtes. Links to Renzi under screening. More names to come out of Via Veneto... 😉 @joehoft @gatewaypundit @jimmomo

Obamagate, La Veritá sets focus on US Embassy Rome. Both Ambassador John Phillips and Deputy Chief of Mission Kelly Degnan, now in the crosshairs of US Senate cmtes.

Links to Renzi under screening.

More names to come out of Via Veneto... 😉

@joehoft @gatewaypundit @jimmomo

So Obamagate is going internationally and is not a conspiracy theory as WaPo wants us to believe.

Quoted @piersmorgan

8.4 million views.... kinda ironic given Rudy was shrieking at me about ratings. 👇

At least 8.4 TDS followers of a TDS show, it is not part of the silent majority.

Quoted @WSJ

From @WSJopinion: The worst 5% of police officers account for a third of all civilian complaints. Departments need leeway to investigate and act on complaints against frequent offenders on the force, write @kyle_rozema and Max Schanzenbach.

Instead of defunding the police, they should dismantle the police unions that are run by bad apples protecting other bad apples.

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