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You must understand the protests are "not only justice for the death of George Floyd, but change in political and economic power that would prevent the death of another black person in police custody, another brutal video going viral." Read our story

We want to know how people who are isolating together are coping. What are you learning about yourself? Has this test strengthened or weakened your relationship? Submissions needn’t be limited to romantic partners.

World leaders, human rights activists, musicians and drag queens will participate in a 24-hour online celebration of gay pride in June. Appearances are planned from Pabllo Vittar, the Dixie Chicks, the first openly gay prince of India and more.

Nobody thinks China and India are about to go to war. But an escalating buildup high in the Himalayas has turned into their most serious confrontation since 2017 and may be a sign of more trouble to come.

Video: Protests broke out across the country in response to the death of George Floyd. In Los Angeles, protesters shut down freeways and faced off with police officers.

In Opinion "Some estimates suggest that India’s economy could contract by nearly 6% this year, making this the worst downturn in the country’s post-independence history," Ruchir Sharma writes

—“Safety concerns” amid U.S. protests close coronavirus testing centers in Los Angeles. —Merkel said she would not attend the G7 in person, citing concerns about the pandemic. Then Trump postponed the summit. —India and Thailand are easing their lockdowns.

Germany will allow rabbis to return to the chaplaincy of its military for the first time since they were kicked out under the Nazis in the 1930s, as officials struggle to curb a rise in anti-Semitic attacks in society as a whole

A police officer pepper spraying protesters in Brooklyn

A police officer pepper spraying protesters in Brooklyn

There were at least 7 arrests outside Trump Tower, in Midtown Manhattan, on Saturday

There were at least 7 arrests outside Trump Tower, in Midtown Manhattan, on Saturday

A confrontation between protesters and the police in Flatbush, Brooklyn, on Saturday

A confrontation between protesters and the police in Flatbush, Brooklyn, on Saturday

Scenes from the protests in New York City

Minneapolis: A photographer was shot in the eye. Washington, D.C.: Protesters struck a journalist with his own microphone. Louisville: A reporter was hit by a pepper ball on live television by an officer who appeared to be aiming at her.

In countries like Honduras, the coronavirus has diverted resources from efforts to fight other serious diseases, straining weak public health systems and draining supplies

As protests escalate, curfews have been imposed in some of the U.S.'s largest cities, including Los Angeles, Atlanta, Miami and Philadelphia. Follow the latest updates:

“This looks like a new Cold War, and Hong Kong is being made a new Berlin,” said one Hong Kong lawmaker in the city’s pro-democracy camp. “We are caught right in the middle of it.”

Breaking News: President Trump postponed a G7 meeting after Chancellor Angela Merkel of Germany declined to attend, adding that he wants Russia to rejoin the group.

Thousands of people protesting police violence and the death of George Floyd have taken to the streets of New York City for a third day in marches across Harlem, Brooklyn, Queens, and outside Trump Tower in Manhattan

The mayor of Louisville, Kentucky said Saturday that he would impose a dusk-to-dawn curfew and call in the National Guard. Fury over the death of Breonna Taylor, a black woman who was shot in her home by white police officers, has been growing in the city.

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