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you’re a mean one, mr.

you’re a mean one, mr.

some doors must remain closed. not because you won’t be able to handle the truth behind them, but because your narrative has outgrown all the trauma that those old things may have brought you. not everything that was once for you, is still for you.

Cream cheese is the answer

Can we stop calling it “police brutality” it’s murder, M-U-R-D-E-R

there is no need to be so reckless with your pain. there is no need to be so harsh on yourself for your mistakes. there is no need to give guilt permanence for every time you’ve let yourself down. exercise patience with yourself—you deserve softness even at your hardest.

I’ve been doing a lot much needed mental cleansing and boy oh boy ✨✨✨

I hated when teachers put “?” On graded work, bitch idk what’s going on either

While at my parents this weekend, Yanni took a pic of Tiny Tim sleeping and he’s been occasionally looking at it and laughs to himself; most recently while drinking his tea. If you know tiny Tim, you know 🦙

25 days ago

Trauma? Oh you mean the reason I’m fucking hilarious

Quoted @natalieeexrx

the E in my name stands for emotional

The other E is for extra.... extra emotional. It all makes sense

If my bangs don’t grow back by June ima be so mad at myself 🥺

they’re very iconic to me

they’re very iconic to me

Quarantine has me eating full sandwiches at 10pm... as a snack

20% of quarantine is me unknowingly talking to myself bc yanni has headphones in playing his PS4

Sometimes you just have to cry about it and then do it

I don’t even know how @Yanni_Stavretis can taste anymore with how hot he eats his food. A mad man

First thunderstorm of the year 😌

I miss goodwill

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