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Sometimes I wonder how stupid I am and then I stay up until 2:20 a.m. scrubbing through movies to find clips of Harrison Ford pointing for no particular reason, and then I’m like, “Oh I’m *that* stupid.”

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You know what? I’m... I think I’m gonna put Twitter away for a few minutes before I throw this phone across the room.

I... I can’t stop thinking about this. I’m running it over and over in my head.

Don't call yourself a punk fan if you can't name this band.

Don't call yourself a punk fan if you can't name this band.

“Real world politics have no place in Star Wars.” Luke Skywalker joined the Rebellion, blew up a Death Star and became a Jedi Knight because the State executed his family but ok Chad.

The fumbling with how to hold the book. The slow zoom in. The sirens in the background. It’s flawless.

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great photo op. nailed it

This objectively a perfectly-timed piece of comedy. I couldn’t write a funnier version of this scene.

I move away from the mic to demand justice.

happy pride month fellow humans. it is me corporation. i too am a gay (as shown by my rainbow icon). i care deeply about your cause, please purchase my products and consume my media

Turns out Die Hard 3 is kind of just as good as Die Hard 1????

I feel bad for not saying anything on here about everything going on because silence is complicity, but I also just have nothing to add or contribute. So I guess I’ll just say like, hey the police shouldn’t kill innocent people. And it’s wild that that has to be said. Stay safe.

“Love people. That’s basically all Star Wars is.” — George Lucas

“Ugh I can’t believe I have to sleep again.” - Me, every single night.

Let me know your film opinions in the replies

Love seeing lots of horrible things happen but having no power to help change it on any meaningful, sysetematic level because my vote in November won’t matter because of the electoral college and I live in Alabama a.k.a. Republican Paradise.

This is a niche tweet that will probably go unanswered but I mean... David Bowie, Christopher Lee, David Attenborough, David Tennant, Ben Kingsley, Patrick Stewart, Sean Connery, Leonard Bernstein, Boris Karloff, Alec Guinness... how on earth do you choose from those narrators?

What’s the best recording of Peter and the Wolf?

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It's almost like the dehumanizing white people have done to Blacks in film, television, books, and literally every other medium, might have perpetuated an apathy to our humanity right now.

This is why I get so furious at people accusing diversity in media of pushing some "SJW agenda" rather than being a representation of reality. Folks are so conditioned by largely seeing POC exist in dimensionless/dehumanized roles that the opposite now feels suspicious to them.

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