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As soon as I saw he is a joke trending I knew it was that orange bitch

(there are no other resources. other places are just as tapped out)

we are turning away folks with a sack lunch & a list of resources. you fight tears of rage everyday

if you are able to give, please find an extra 5 or 10 bucks to give to the charity or non profit of your choice. These organization operate on razor thin margins allready & are struggling to keep serving those in need #PayItForward #HumanityFirst #WTFisevenhappeninganymore

Corporations were given huge tax breaks and are given millions upon billions of dollars yet we get a one time payment of $1,200 which will last about a month for most people. I'll take the money but don't think for a second it's buying my vote.

trying to start a rumor on twitter that you can cure #coronavirus with those gas station dick pills

now ya'all worried about whats good for winning lol foh

people who refused to fall in line and support hillary in 2016 mad af that people are #StillVotingForYang

I have enjoyed watching the #yanggang fall apart and come back together over the past few days. Some of us jumped to a new candidate, we were angry, we grieved, and now we are all back together again in solidarity of #StillVotingForYang 👏🏻💕. We’ve only grown stronger

@scott__santos Neither. They had their chance to earn my trust but never spoke out #StillVotingForYang

Glad to see that politics season is heating up, and a bunch of people i followed because they had a unique take on diarrhea are now getting real about their vision for america's future

"I approve of what you say, but I will defend to the death my right to argue with you about it" - the online philosopher credo

advertising is critical right now. cutting back doesn't necessarily indicate she will be soon dropping out but more likely means a struggle with finances

Quoted @Ad_Analytics

.@ewarren is cancelling a flight in Nevada and South Carolina from 2/17-2/23. So far she's cancelled over $350k

flight here meaning advertising campaign. That is huge.

1 state caucus down & it's like Sony spent $250million bucks making a live action movie of that dog on fire saying 'this is fine' #Yang2020

Let me get this straight: Iowa Democrats paid a company called 'Shadow Inc.' $63,000 to create the Caucus voting app Mayor Pete also paid Shadow $42,000 last year The App crashes, delaying results And then Pete claims victory without knowing the results What's going on? 🤔

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