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'Nowhere to be found': Governors blast Trump after he tells them they are 'weak' on phone call | Via USA Today

Ryanair staff in France accuse airline of 'redundancy blackmail' | Via Guardian

Owner of store that called cops on George Floyd says they won't call police in similar situations | Via TheHill

Journalists covering George Floyd protests face attacks from police, advocacy groups say | Via ABC News

Trump vows to crack down on protesters, ignoring issues of racism and brutality fueling unrest | By Jess Bidgood

Ebola: Congo declares new epidemic | Via Deutsche Welle

Across the US, demonstrations against police brutality are being met with more police brutality | Via Independent

'Unacceptable' losses of older trees in 2019 | Via BBC

Bill Barr is a liar: Trump AG floats new mail-vote conspiracy experts say "couldn't happen" | Via Salon

White nationalist group posing as antifa called for violence on Twitter || Via nbcnews

Trump Justice Department Killed Police Reform Programs That Could Have Helped Minneapolis | Via: Huffpost

As chief of police, I knelt for George Floyd to show the people I serve that black lives matter | By Eric S. Clifford

'It could have a chilling effect': why Trump is ramping up attacks on mail-in voting | Via Guardian

US attack on press freedom gains supporters | Via Deutsche Welle

Trump’s History Of Racism Catches Up To Him In Nation’s Worst Racial Crisis In Decades | By S.V. Date

White Fox News Host Screams Over Black Co-Host While He Spoke About Systemic Racism | By Peter Wade

D.C. Residents Open Their Doors To Save Protesters From The Police | Via Huffpost

Riots, White Supremacy and Accelerationism | By Daniel Byman

As the FDA Continues to Restrict Remote Abortion Access, Doctors Are Fighting Back | By Erin Heger

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