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#GalaxyBookS with #Intel’s hybrid processor features outstanding productivity, wide-ranging connectivity, enhanced mobility and expansive continuity across devices and operating systems

Samsung #TheFrameTV and illustrator Hyun Kim came together to offer a moment of warmth and relaxation to users. Learn more on how the collaboration came about

Samsung’s Odyssey monitors provide the latest in gaming monitor technology, offering professional #esports gamers the competitive edge they need to make every split second count #OdysseyG9 #OdysseyG7 #T1WIN

The #GalaxyA51 and #GalaxyA71’s powerful quad camera features a 5MP Macro camera that can capture a subject and all its details at 30-50 mm range. Check out the best shots of 12 appetizing desserts taken by Galaxy A51

The Electrocardiogram feature on #GalaxyWatchActive2 uses advanced sensor technology on the watch and will enable users to measure and analyze their heart rhythm for irregularities. Learn more here

TheTerrace is Samsung’s first outdoor #4K #QLED #SmartTV that is specifically designed to bring the full indoor entertainment experience outside #SamsungTV

Samsung has developed accessibility features for #SamsungGalaxy devices to empower individuals with visual impairments #BixbyVision

Samsung’s new production line will play a pivotal role in expanding the use of state-of-the-art process technologies across current and next generation applications #5G #HPC #AI

Samsung #ISOCELL GN1 fulfills multiple needs at once with a combination of elevated light sensitivity for stellar low-light photos and DSLR-level auto-focus speeds #DualPixel #Tetracell

Samsung Smart City in Gumi is the first workplace in South Korea that manufactures finished products to earn validation at the Gold level from #UL

Samsung’s newly-opened Corporate Citizenship website is dedicated to sharing the stories of the people who have made the company’s citizenship activities memorable and fulfilling #TogetherforTomorrow #EnablingPeople #CorporateCitizenship

The #GalaxyA21s packs Samsung’s most essential mobile innovations into a stunning, holographic design. See here for details on the device’s specifications

From a 3D CG video editing application to a UV monitoring system, here are the 5 new startups created as part of #SamsungCLab’s in-house incubation program

From password logins to blockchain keys, many of us regularly store valuable information on our smartphones. See how #GalaxyS20‘s secure processor protects your data

The #GalaxyZFlip's sweeper technology helps to keep the dust and dirt out of the device’s Hideaway Hinge and remains flexible after long-term usage. Here’s how the sweeper technology works

Samsung Wind-Free™ Air Conditioner lets you maintain a stable home temperature optimized to your daily schedule and keeps you pleasantly cool while cleaning the air and saving energy

Samsung #TheFrameTV now features a catalogue with 44 art pieces from the Thyssen-Bornemisza National Museum that users can enjoy in vivid picture quality #ThyssenMuseum

Given how much we interact with our mobile devices, it is imperative that we keep them clean. Here are some suggestions on how to effectively and safely clean your smartphone

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