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White people do not experience racism.

They’d still get a majority tomorrow, country of bootlickers.

Quoted @simonharrisitv

So much for the ‘Don’t visit Southend’ campaign! ⁦@itvlondonhttps://t.co/oCnqhgaNos

So much for the ‘Don’t visit Southend’ campaign! ⁦@itvlondon⁩ https://t.co/oCnqhgaNos

The same people who will be clapping tonight though😆🤦🏻‍♂️ https://t.co/gWGcsekSIH

Quoted @mojos55

Chancellor 'set to axe furlough scheme this Tuesday' https://t.co/1v9KhLx1aC

Future PM, National hero regardless of your political stance!!🥴 https://t.co/2k4nw9qU4f

Today marks the anniversary of the death of Bobby Sands. He was the first of 10 republican prisoners to die on hunger strike in 1981 The determination of the men in the H Blocks & the women prisoners in Armagh ultimately defeated the British government's criminalisation policy. https://t.co/iJvreBy0t5

Applaud health care staff! But also give them higher wages, better working conditions and permanent sufficient resources. Bail out workers! And maybe save the “clapping-instead-of-funding” for the polluting companies? A real sarcastic slow clap for the ones destroying our world.

Ozark getting to Breaking bad levels👀

Quoted @Keir_Starmer

When we get through this – and we will get through this – it will be because of our NHS staff, our care workers, our ambulance drivers, our emergency services, our cleaners, our porters. They are the best of us. https://t.co/PtDF56quSx

Hahaha a MEDAL, wipe their debts and give them a fucking pay rise https://t.co/OvaR7lAIVp

Quoted @jeremycorbyn

Solidarity @berniesanders The struggle for a better world goes on. https://t.co/9sgjdN4dEK

What could of been💞 https://t.co/rA1515kaDk

Quoted @BBCBreaking

UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson admitted to hospital for tests, 10 days after testing positive for coronavirus https://t.co/RhjYRNfpUN

Take it on the chin Boris https://t.co/M7NKKvbZcw

labour is no longer in the pocket of big corbyn and therefore no longer gets my vote

Quoted @TheGreenParty

Today marks one week of lockdown in the UK. There's no getting round it. These are dark times. But we have a message of hope. https://t.co/uceuiMk3fl

What a PM she would make💚 https://t.co/EeUrjl4fKh

Carole Baskin is the devil

Quoted @britainelects

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has tested positive for coronavirus.

Mashallah https://t.co/ePviyQ4CVr

Vote a party that cares about the NHS rather than clapping next time Britain🙂

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