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Small but mighty Badass Fitness leader. Brand ambassador. #FitFluential #SweatPink #GirlsGoneSporty. #TabataBootcamp master trainer, ACE group fit. #Paleo.

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Joined on August 13, 2009

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Still smiling after last night’s gathering of Arbonne team members, nutrition clients and those “kinda curious about this Arbonne business thing 🧐!” We took over the upstairs space at the…

If I have a bad hair day tomorrow it’s cuz Brittany killed my shoulders with ropes and ladders of various torture 😵😭😜👊🏻 #bouldershoulders #liftheavy #rykaambassador

To whom much is given, much is expected. We talked about this Bible truth in church this morning, and I thought a lot about it as we launched another member of this growing Arbonne team…

Sir Burpee is apparently giddy over his haircut from Mr. Ian at Groom n Board! Pigtails says of the tie: “Can I take this off of him? Cuz he not getting married!” 🤷🏼‍♀️😂…

Let the birthday weekend commence! And I know you’re all shocked that the girl who fell in love with the psychedelic beaded swimsuit coverup at Target 🎯- also decided to go with a…

Can we talk makeup? Until two years ago, I had never read a label on ANY product I put on my skin. Lotions, makeup, sunscreen- I had no idea what I was actually putting on my biggest…

Unbelievable! @arbonne thank you for this gift. For this business that lifts women and men up and opens doors that we did not know existed. Our founder said from the beginning, almost 40…

According to these three, 2019 is the year of denim, and they’re the best dressed trio! 😂🐶 #DogsatWork #WeAreMoore @ The Moore Agency

I woke up this morning and that promotion to Arbonne Regional VP was NOT a dream! But I honestly don’t celebrate this for me - I celebrate it for the TEAM that made this happen, and for…

Goodbye 2018, hello 2019! The past year began on a major low and had lots of ups and downs but ended on a big high with a big goal met today. Faster than expected. Just a reminder that…

As I look at just over 3 days left (😲) in this month in which I’m trying to finish a BIG Arbonne business goal - as a means to get to my “be a present and able single mom” goal - I am…

Two dads are better than one at Christmas! And I’m so happy I got to spend time with my adopted dad and stepmom, and got to video chat with my bio dad as he vacationed in Bali! #family…

Ryka Fit Tip: Find what motivates you to work out even when it’s easier not to. My workout mojo? A new pair of kicks! I love the first run to break them in! What motivates your fitness?…

Blessings over the donuts - and for those who don’t “speak Pigtails,” that last part was “thank you Nana Wanda for let us stay with Miss Shannon.” 😂😍 #christmasmorning

Current situation. How late is too late for Fizz, really?! 🤷🏼‍♀️🤣 #fizzhelpline #arbonne #santacouldbesoefficientwithFizz #pleasegirlsGOTOSLEEP

When you survived a hurricane that sent a tree through the bedroom as you sat in it, and lived without water, sewer and power for weeks; and are the best girls, Santa comes and does it…

Publix - where shopping is a pleasure, and the nicest employee sees the girls in their Christmas dresses and gifts them a bouquet of balloons. So sweet. The girls are pretty stoked about…

Merry Christmas Eve! 🙏🏻❤️🎄 @ Fellowship Baptist Church

Sunroof selfie! The girls are obsessed😂. Merry Christmas Eve! 🎄❤️ #pigtailschristmas

Super fun but tough 12 Days of Christmas workout with an awesome group at @tyedav ! Thanks coach Kim! #fueledbyFizz @ KAOS Group Training

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